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BlackBerry Protect

RIM recently announced an interesting application call BlackBerry Protect. BlackBerry Protect is a free service from RIM that allows BlackBerry smartphone customers to remotely backup, restore and locate their BlackBerry smartphone, from wherever they are via their destkop computer. Previously, there are several 3rd party applications on BlackBerry that does the same thing. I guess the developers are not going to be happy when they find out that BlackBerry is going to offer this service for free.

Well, the customers are going to be very happy. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally found quite a number of BlackBerry phones myself. Seems like BlackBerry phone users are more prone to losing their phone. So what are some of the features of the BlackBerry Protect?

Wipe Device: If you lost your phone, you can go to a desktop to activate this function. It will remote wipe all your data from your BlackBerry. Including MicroSD card. That’s great since most of the data are stored inside the MicroSD card.

Lock device: Lock your BlackBerry remotely so that nobody can access your phone. Good for those who don’t have the habit of locking their BlackBerry.

Display message: Set a message on your BlackBerry like your contact number so that the finder can contact you. Good for those who didn’t set their owner information. But personally, I feel that you should set your owner information.

Loud ringer: Here is a good feature. If you think your phone is nearby, just activate this feature and it will make your BlackBerry give out a loud ringer even if your phone is on silent mode. Or you can use this feature to scare the person who is stealing your phone.

Locate device: Not sure exactly how useful this feature is. It will pinpoint you the exact location of your BlackBerry phone. But we all know that GPS is not very accurate. And if the phone is at a crowded place, how are you going to find the person who took your phone?

Backup/Restore data from device: Schedule backup with BlackBerry server. And if you ever lose your BlackBerry phone or upgrade to another BlackBerry, simply do a data restore on your new phone.

And since this is BlackBerry, you can be assured that data security is one of their top priority. Data is never transmitted in clear over the air and encryption for storage of user data.

BlackBerry Protect is now available in limited beta. (Unfortunately, I don’t have the invite) It will be in open beta later this year. Can’t wait. I think this is a good application. In fact all mobile operating system should have this sort of program by default.

Flipboard: The only reason why I would buy an iPad

OK, I keep telling people that I won’t buy an iPad. But I don’t mind if someone gives me one. The iPad is more like a “want” than a “need”. I don’t necessary need it. To me, my iPhone is able to do most of the things.

Until the Flipboard came along.

Isn’t that cool?!?! A personal magazine with content that I want to see. And the KILLER feature is where it add contents that your friends share on Twitter and Facebook. This is so amazing. In fact, it is so good that it overwhelmed Flipboard’s servers. Currently, Flipboard is limiting the rate that they are accepting new Facebook and Twitter connections. But once they sort out the overwhelming issues, it’s going to be a MUST HAVE app on all iPad.

OK, this Flipboard is really making me want to own a iPad. And you know what’s the other best thing about Flipboard? It’s free!

Check out their interview with Building 43.

OK, I must control. Will not buy a iPad. Besides, it’s sold out in Singapore already. Yeap, most places sold out within a couple of hours on Friday morning. But if anyone want to give me an iPad, I would love to have a 16GB 3G + WIFI iPad. Thank you! :D

PS: I hate to say this but somehow I got this feeling that the Flipboard will not be the only reason why I would buy an iPad. But for now, it’s the only reason.

Newly improved reception bar on iOS 4.0.1

Just updated my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0.1. One of the “improvement” is the reception bar.

I don’t know about you. But 1 bar is still 1 bar to me no matter how long it is. :P

On another note: Endure a bit longer. iPhone 4…. iPhone 4…. iPhone 4….

YouTube Life In A Day

Have you ever wonder what happen around the world on a single day? Well, film makers Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald plans to find out. But it is impossible for them to document the world in a single day. That’s why they are getting the YouTube community to help. YES, this is going to be the world largest user generated feature film.

All you need to do is to get your camera ready on 24 July 2010 (Tomorrow). From 12:01am to 11:59pm (your local time), capture a glimpse of your life on camera and upload it to YouTube by 31 July.

But not all submission will be used (else the feature film will last several hundreds or even thousands of hours.) The final film will be made up of a selection of the most distinct and compelling videos submitted.

The film will premier at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2011 and uploaded on YouTube too. If your video get selected for the final film, you will be credited as a “co-director” in the credits that appear at the end of the film. Cool huh?

Skype iPhone app – 3G VOIP will remain free

It’s official! 3G VOIP calls using Skype iPhone app will remain free. Woohoo!!!
(Your usual data charges still apply hor)

I was kinda worried when the previous version of Skype iPhone app (2.0) said that 3G calls will be free until end of Aug. I guess many people wrote in to Skype regarding this. So Skype had decided not to charge for 3G calls. Nice.

Well, actually this isn’t the biggest news. The biggest news is the new version of Skype iPhone app. Skype 2.0.1 now supports multi-tasking in iOS 4. Which means you can let Skype run in the background. Imagine receiving Skype call or IM while you are using other apps or your iPhone is locked. It’s like another phone line already. But this phone uses your data instead of your voice airtime.

Remember, multi-tasking only works on iPhone 3GS and above.