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They are teaching YOG Cheer the wrong way

Here is a very short clip from a Primary School teaching the YOG cheer.

Wrong already lah. The first two phrase don’t end with another “Yeah”.
They end with a “Hey” and “Ho” respectively.


Oh my….. they are teaching the kids the wrong way to sing the YOG cheer. What are we going to do? Nnnnoooooo………..

If you are interested in the entire cheer (Which I don’t know why), check out my blog entry on the YOG Cheer.

By the way, if you are interested, there is a Facebook page for those who hate this YOG Cheer.

There is a new mayor at my office

After nearly 2 months of intense checking-in on FourSquare, I’m finally the mayor of my office! Woohoo!!!!

Now, let’s see what’s the benefits of being the mayor of my office? Hmmmm……

Can I get extra 1 day leave when I apply for leave? No.
Can I come in for work late? No.
Can I leave work early? No.
Can I take longer lunch break? No.
Can I have 2 monitors for my desktop? ALSO NO!

Wait a minute…. why did I bother checking in faithfully everyday when there is no mayor privileges? Maybe should consider talking to HR to get them to give some mayorship benefits for the employee who is holding the mayorship on FourSquare. Wahahahahaha….

Well, at least I got the bragging rights. After all, it’s a bit the lose face if I’m not the mayor of the office on FourSquare as my job involves social media.

Now the next thing I need to do is to defend my mayorship. Hahahahaha…..

Why you should never stand in the middle of Orchard River

As you all should know by now, whenever there is a heavy rain in Singapore, Orchard Road is transformed into Orchard River. Isn’t that nice? Singapore Tourism Board should advertise this too. Where else in the world do they transform their shopping belt into a river every 50 years? (Or is it every 25 years?) This is really Uniquely Singapore. Oh wait, I mean Your Singapore.

I always wonder how it would be like to row a boat down Orchard River or even just stand in the middle of the river. Well, here’s a video on why you shouldn’t stand in the middle of Orchard River.

I wonder when will they transform Orchard Road into Orchard River again.

Star Wars Subway Car

Yet another great flashmob by Improv Everywhere.

Why didn’t anyone think of that? Acting the iconic beginning scene of Star War IV: A New Hope.

Read more about the mission at their website.

Old Spice – Perhaps the best marketing campaign ever

The internet was clogging with all the Old Spice video for the past 2 days. Lots of people on Twitter, facebook and blog are talking about it. This is perhaps the best marketing campaign ever.

Old Spice, a American brand of male grooming products, got their spokesperson Isaiah Mustafa to record short youtube video in response to messages from Twitter and Facebook. And you don’t need to be a celebrity or have lots of followers on twitter in order to get a respond from the Old Spice Guy. (Although it increases your chance of getting 1)

And perhaps the thing that makes all these video so viral is the humor and also their interactivity with social media community. Great job guys!!!

Here are some of the Old Spice video. You can find more at Old Spice Youtube channel.

And here is their last video.

Too bad we can’t find Old Spice here in Singapore. I would love to use it after watching all these videos.