BlackBerry Torch

RIM recently launched the BlackBerry Torch (aka Bold 9800) in the US with AT&T. The BlackBerry Torch didn’t come as a surprise actually. Leaked images and rumors of the device was circulating on the internet months before the launch.

But the BlackBerry Torch is a first for RIM in many area. It is the first BlackBerry device with a slide out keyboard. It has a 3.2 inch screen and there is no way to fit the thumbpad without using a slideout keyboard. So far, reviews on the new slideout keyboard are pretty ok. I have to see it for myself to make comments on it.

Another first for RIM is the use of touch screen. Capacitive touch screen to be exact. I know RIM has done touch screen BlackBerry in the past. But the BlackBerry Storm 1 and Storm 2 were using tactile feedback touch screen. I was kinda surprised that RIM is using capacitive touch screen for the BlackBerry Torch. I thought they would stick to the tactile feedback touch screen. I know some people hate it. But I kinda like it after trying out the BlackBerry Storm 2 for a while.
But I guess there is no need for RIM to put a tactile feedback touch screen since most users will use the slideout keyboard to type.

The BlackBerry Torch is also the first BlackBerry device to run the new BlackBerry OS 6. The new OS 6, as I mentioned previously, seems to be targeting the consumer market. The media player has been greatly improved. Social Feeds that combines all of your Facebook, Twitter, IM and RSS feeds in one place, just like the unified inbox. Universal search that allows you to search for anything from contact to application just by simply typing on the keyboard.

And the most important changes from BlackBerry OS 6 is the browser. BlackBerry users can finally get a Webkit-based browser. Woohoo!
The BlackBerry Torch (Bold 9800) is clearly targeted at the consumer market. Or corporate people who wants more consumer functions on their phone. I’m not sure if the BlackBerry Torch will attract more people to the BlackBerry platform. But I do know that most current BlackBerry users said that they like what they see so far. As for me, I’m not sure if I would like the BlackBerry Torch. I’m those type that is lazy to slide out a keyboard to type. The touchscreen is a welcomed feature on the BlackBerry but I personally think that BlackBerry is already very good without a touchscreen. Is there really a need for a touchscreen? Or can a keyboard with optical trackpad do everything that a BlackBerry user ever need? I guess I’ll need to try it out myself before making any judgement.
No news on when the BlackBerry Torch will arrive Singapore yet. I’ll keep you updated when I got information. As for BlackBerry OS 6, I understand that BlackBerry Bold 9700 (aka Bold 2) is able to upgrade to OS 6. But that will be subjected to carrier certifications and I don’t have the exact date on when that will be. Let’s hope it’s soonish.


  1. This was by far the worst product review I have ever read. Thanks for the obvious information and lack of knowledge on the product. It was as if someone who didn’t know unfamiliar with a blackberry was given one and told to do a review about it.

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