Kayak, Barrier and National Day Award

I guess quite a number of you have seen the photos of someone kayaking at Rowell. For the uninitiated, Rowell is a road, not a river or pond.

I’m glad that someone finally had the chance to do this. I was hoping someone would row a dragon boat down Orchard Road during the flood in June. Too bad it didn’t happen.
The flooding at Rowell Road on 11 Aug 2010 wasn’t really serious. The flooding occur at the back alley and up to around knee height. But it is a constant reminder that something need to be done about all these freak accident that has been happening. I thought someone said it only happens once every 50 years?
The owner of Liat Tower isn’t going to take things by chance. They intend to built a barrier that will lie flush against the pavement along the font of its mall and rise up during a flood. If you remember, Liat Tower is one of the worst hit building during the Orchard Road flood. It’s great that the owner of Liat Tower is taking action to protect their tenants. But I can’t help but wonder….. If Orchard Road don’t flood again, they won’t need to built such barrier. Right?
But can PUB guarantee that Orchard Road won’t flood again? I don’t think so.
Speaking of PUB, their Chairman, Mr Tan Gee Paw, topped the list of recipients of this year’s National Day awards. No doubt Mr Tan has contributed significantly to Singapore as the Chairman of PUB. Under his leadership, the PUB undertook major initiatives to ensure adequate supply of water for the long term. But a lot of people can’t help but feel that the timing of this award isn’t really that ideal.
Do you think Mr Tan Gee Paw should receive this year’s Distinguished Service Order? Personally, I think Mr Tan should turn down the award to avoid making a mockery out of the whole National Day Award. Fix the flooding issue first before receiving the award.

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