Win a trip to F1 Japan Grand Prix with Singha ambassadors

Singha Beer has recently joined the F1 Redbull team in the race to win the coveted trophy. As a partner of the team, Singha will be sending a lucky winner and a companion to the F1 race in Japan, accompanied by the Singha Beer ambassadors – Oli Pettigrew and Linda Black.

All that is required is to purchase a 6-pack of Singha Beer, submit the cutout coupon at the bottom of the pack and stand a chance to spend 5 days and 4 nights in Japan with Oli and Linda and to watch the F1 Japan Grand Prix with exclusive VIP Paddock Passes. Not only that, there are many other prizes to be won, including a pair of Gold Grand Stand tickets to the F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

So Cheers!!!

2 Responses to 'Win a trip to F1 Japan Grand Prix with Singha ambassadors'

  1. Derrick Koh says:

    Yo dk! Saw that you posted this as I was researching for my similar post! Haha! You bought your 6-pack yet? Contest ends soon.

  2. dk says:

    Derrick: Woah! If you didn’t say, I also didn’t notice that the contest end day is next week! Wah sia…. must act fast :P

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