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Windows 95 turns 15 years old

Oops, almost forgot about this. Happy Belated Birthday Windows 95!

Windows 95 was launched on 24 August 1995. It is a significant change from the older Windows 3.1. I still remember using Windows 95 for the first time in my Secondary School’s library. Took me some time for me to figure out how to use it. Before that, I was using MSDOS and Windows 3.1. Little did I know that 15 years later, some of the things that were on the Windows 95 are still seen in the latest Windows 7. Like start button and recycle bin.

I wonder who is still using Windows 95 now. Personally, I prefer Windows 98 which is much more stable than Win 95.

Happy 15th Birthday Windows 95. You still haven’t reach the legal drinking age yet. Haha.

Oh, here is some promotional videos done by Microsoft 15 years ago. They look kinda cheezy now. Maybe it is popular back then. Or maybe it’s already considered cheezy back then.


I don’t know about you, but somehow this reminds me of the Window 7 party video. Some things doesn’t change.

Paid Apps arrive in Singapore BlackBerry App World

Good news for all Singapore BlackBerry users. You can finally buy Apps from the BlackBerry App World! FINALLY Lor. I’ve been hearing news that paid apps is coming to Singapore BlackBerry App World since late last year. I’m so glad that it is finally here. Well, to be fair, they aren’t exactly that late. Note that you still can’t purchase apps on Android Marketplace.

Apps can start as low as US$0.99. Payment for apps can be made via PayPal and Credit Cards. BlackBerry App World have a feature to charge your purchase to your next Telco bill. But this feature is not yet available in Singapore as no arrangement has been made between RIM and the 3 telcos. Let’s hope talks are in the way and we’ll be able to charge purchases to our Telco bill soon.

As much as I love free apps, sometimes you can’t deny the fact that paid apps usually have higher quality. So having a paid app section is always good for the mobile OS ecosystem.Let’s hope developers will make full use of this App World and start developing quality apps for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry also released their App World 2.0. The biggest improvement that I can see on the BlackBerry App World 2.0 is the addition of BlackBerry ID. BlackBerry ID let’s you manage app easily and seamlessly transfer all apps when switching to a new BlackBerry smartphone. If you have a BlackBerry, why not try it out?

Share your @LaptopFail stories and win

What do you do if your Laptop failed on you? Send it for repair? Buy a new one? How about sharing your stories with @LaptopFail on Twitter?

Just follow @LaptopFail on Twitter, tell them your laptop fail stories and you might stand a chance to win in the weekly prize giveaways of $100 gift vouchers and the attractive grand prize of a brand new laptop.

Interesting contest. But sadly, I haven’t got any epic laptop fail story to share. Wait… how about this?

I fail to have a epic laptop fail story to share with @LaptopFail. FML, can’t stand a chance to win a new laptop.

Hmmmmm….. nah…. this will not work. I need to try harder.

PS: Join the facebook group too.

Tokyo Square – Within You’ll Remain

I’m sure most of us have heard of this song. Do you know that Tokyo Square is a band from Singapore? Surprised right?

Within You’ll Remain was originally performed by a Hong Kong band called Chyna. But Tokyo Square rearranged the song and popularised it. Enjoy!

Tokyo Square – Within You’ll Remain

Facing the world with the empty heart
I could disappear into the dark
And you were the one
and you were the who
could make my dreams come true
My dear, it’s you

When you’re not around
My heart stood still
Within you’ll remain and always will
Illusion says there is another man
who would interfere into my plan

Wao Ai Ni, I love you
Wao Ai Ni, I need you
More than I ever did anyone
I’ve never felt like this before

Wao Ai Ni, I want you
Wao Ai Ni, I need you
We could be two lovers from the past
And the future is our chance

When you’re not around
My heart stood still
Within you’ll remain and always will

Little Man – The way girls are

Here is an interesting short film. Enjoy.

I actually sort of guessed the ending. But still, very interesting to watch. :)