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HTC release HTC Touch2 Non Camera version

Good news for all NSF and NSmen!! (and those working in restricted places where camera is not allowed)

HTC just announced that they are releasing the HTC Touch2 in Non Camera version. In the past, NSmen/NSF are restricted to just Nokia E51 or HTC Snap if they want to own a smartphone in camp. Thanks to HTC, NSmen/NSF have 1 more option when buying smartphones.

The specs for the HTC Touch2 Non Camera is the same as the HTC Touch2. HTC Touch2 has been released for quite some time already, so the specs isn’t really up to date. The good thing about the HTC Touch2 is that it has build in GPS. Install Google map and you are good to go in the jungle. Too bad there isn’t a digital compass. Else it would be even better. There is the usual Bluetooth and WIFI is available. The HTC Touch2 has a 2.8 inch touchscreen. Come to think of it, this might be the first non camera touchscreen phone. (although I may be wrong)

The only problem is that it runs on Windows Mobile 6.5. But come to think of it, I don’t mind carrying a Window Mobile 6.5 phone during reservist. NSmen don’t really have much smartphone choices. Maybe I should get this for my reservist this coming September.

The HTC Touch2 Non Camera will retail at S$398 without contract. Comes in Urban Brown colour. Or I would say, Tactical Brown colour. :)

How do you solve the shortage of overnight parking lot issue?

It’s been an issue that has been bugging my family for months. It seems like more and more people are owning cars around my house and that parking becomes an issue at night, especially if you home return late. I haven’t wrote to Town Council yet but I’m pretty sure that my neighbors have done that already. And if my MP shows up at my door 1 day, the overnight parking issue will definitely be one of the topic that I’ll bring up to him.

But sadly, I’ve never seen my MP at my doorstep before. Never in my life. Damn, why is it I always see other MPs at their constituent’s doorstep on the news. ANYWAY….

HDB and URA announced their brilliant solution to the insufficient overnight parking lot problem. Increase the parking fee for overnight parking lor. Or rather, doubling the overnight parking fee from $2 to $4. Wow, is that the best solution from the top brains in HDB and URA? Seriously?

Cars need to find a place to park at night. You increase the parking fee, they still need to park there if they have to. How is increasing the fee from $2 to $4 going to help? Besides, I think most of the cars are the car park are season parking. Make not much difference.

Increasing the fee for overnight parking is easy. It looks like action has been taken on the issue. But how effective is this measure?

Planning guys! Planning. Either you increase the number of parking lots or you decrease the number of cars on the road. Increasing the parking fee only give you a bigger bonus at the end of the year. It does not help anyone at all. End of the day, those car still need to park somewhere.


Another thing in the article made my blood boils.

Another MP, Halimah Yacob of Jurong GRC, feels that while it would help to ease the parking woes of residents, the amount is not very significant.

WAH CIAO! Who voted this Halimah Yacob into parliament? Doubling the fees still not very significant?

Oh wait…. she is my MP. Oops. (But we walkover during last election. So don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for her. )

Laser light can kill your camera sensor

Saw this on TechieLobang. The speed that the sensor get damaged is pretty scary.

I did a check with Canon Singapore. Switching the camera to live view shooting and exposing it to intense light sources like directly at the sun or strong direct laser beams will damage the sensor. The user manual advised users against such use. The warranty doesn’t not cover mishandling of equipment.

However, it is always good to let the Canon customer service center to diagnose the damage and advise suitable repair procedures.

So, remember: Laser light at pub don’t go well with DSLR sensors. You have been warned.

Microsoft Windows 7: Fastest selling operating system ever

According to the latest report from Microsoft, 175 million Windows 7 licenses has been sold since its launch in October last year, making it the fastest selling operating system ever.

What’s more amazing is the fact that Microsoft sold 25 million licenses during the 29 days between June 23 and July 21. That’s almost 10 copies of Windows 7 sold per second!

Which also means that by the time you finish reading this short blog entry, roughly another 150 Windows 7 licenses has been sold. Scary sia.