Standard Obstacle Course redesigned

SAF has redesigned the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) to better reflect the increasingly complex and urbanised operational environment. SOC, for the uninitiated, is a set of obstacles that all combat fit soldiers need to clear every year within a stated timing. I can’t remember the exact timing but it is somewhere around 10 minutes. And trust me, it’s the worst 10 minutes in your life.

The classic obstacles like Low Wall, Low Rope and Jacobs Ladder (now renamed as Apex Ladder) remained unchanged. Some obstacles has been redesigned. For example, the balancing logs is now called the balancing bridge and has 2 steps towards the end. The ramp has been renamed the Terrace and requires 2 jump at the end of it. Quite a number of obstacles has been removed. Some of them are pretty easy like the stepping board, horizontal beam and swinging bridge.
And hey, good news. The Swing Trainer (aka Monkey Bar) has been removed. That is 1 of those killer obstacles which a lot of recruits have difficulties clearing. I still remember being stuck at that station.
The new obstacles looks pretty interesting. There seems to be quite a bit of dodging and ducking involved in the new obstacles. Most of them don’t seem difficult to clear but they sure need lots of reflex like the rubble. It seems like the new obstacles will be cleared in a team lead by section commanders.
I’m so glad that NSmen are not required to clear SOC. Too old for these sort of obstacles. I think I’ll die on the course.


  1. isn’t the balancing bridge and the last part “terrace” also same as before? [by looking at your diagram] ok i remember the last part should have barb wire below

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