Every Singaporean Son

Cyber Pioneer TV is doing a new series call “Every Singaporean Son”. The series follow 15 recruits from different backgrounds thru their Basic Military Training journey. It’s like BMT reality TV, except nobody gets voted off Pulau Tekong every week.
Here’s the first episode of Every Singaporean Son.

More episodes can be found here. The series started on 08 Jul 10 and subsequent episodes will be released every Tuesday at 6pm.
The opening song for every episode is different to match the episode’s topic. I think all the opening song is pretty nicely done.
For some weird reason, I actually enjoyed watching it. Maybe because the videos bring back some bitter sweet memories of my time in BMT. In fact, it’s been 10 years since I enlist into BMT, yet some things are still the same.
I think all pre-enlistee should watch the video. It provides a rough idea of what to expect in BMT. NOTE: Rough idea only hor.
I know some of you might say this is all wayang. Well, you can’t expect them to show you all the Tekan portion right? And they have to remove all the hokkien vulgarities just in case there are children watching. Apart from that, I think it is a pretty good representation of what’s happening at BMT.
And of cos we shouldn’t show too much spoilers to the pre-enlistee. Else there won’t be any more surprise for them.
PS: Glad that they call the series “Every Singaporean Son” instead of the term “Every Mother Son” which we always use in the army. 🙂


  1. WTF….so different from our times…parents accompanying & commercial ferry!!!….missed the first day reporting via LST and standing under the hot sun on deck with alibaba bag ALONE on slow boat to tekong

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