Weekend my face kena acne ah….

Ris Low may have leopard preen
But she don’t have camo cream
Enemy stare still can’t find me
But weekend my face kena acne ah
Aiyo aiyo ai aiyo ah
Aiyo aiyo ai aiyo ah

To listen to the song, click here.

Well, at least the acne is not as bad as 2007.
Just finished my 8th In Camp Training (aka ICT/Reservist). Every ICT is a reminder that you are no longer as young and fit as before. This year’s ICT was a lot less xiong compared to the past few years, yet I still feel tired after the exercise. Wonder how did I managed to complete last year’s exercise without falling out.
On a high note, we went to Pulau Tekong for exercise this year. This is my first time back on that island ever since I pass out from BMT. That’s 10 years already. Sure bring back some memories.
Next ICT is in January 2012. We got 1 year break on 2011. That’s a first ever since we ORD. 2 more ICT and we are done. Am looking forward to that. Getting old already. How to continue chiong like the NSF?

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