Don’t expect flood-free Singapore

I heard there was another flood on 22 September along Bukit Timah. Why am I not surprised?

PM Lee said already, don’t expect flood-free Singapore. Indeed, we should expect flooding whenever there is an heavy rain. I think even developing countries don’t flood as often as we do.

Whenever there is a heavy rain, I use Twitter to search for the hashtag #sgflood. It’s good to know which area is flooded so that I can make a detour and avoid the flooding area.

Don’t say netizens are just a bunch of people who complain and complain. We’ve created the best crowd sourcing flood warning system in the world. It’s better than PUB’s flash flood warning whenever there is a heavy rain. PUB’s “so called” warning is like boy crying wolf. Whenever there is a heavy rain, PUB will issue flash flood warning. After a while, people just ignore these useless warning. The #sgflood warning is different. It usually comes with a picture of the situation. That’s what we call “No Picture No Talk” (NPNT).

So the next time when there is a heavy rain, go search for #sgflood on twitter. It’s far more accurate than PUB’s standard-whenever-there-is-a-heavy-rain flash flood warning.

Speaking of flooding in Singapore, do you notice that we are getting more and more floods lately? It’s no longer once every 50 year event. I think its almost once a month or lesser. I don’t know if PUB can do anything about it. I guess we should make full use of it while PUB struggle to find a solution. (Provided there is a solution) How about taking up Urban Kayaking and Urban Wakeboarding as an extreme sport.

Maybe we should convince IOC to add urban wakeboarding to the Olympics. Then we can finally get a Olympic Medal without the help of any foreign talents. But we need more flood so that our citizens can practice. The Russians are already having a head start.

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