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Regarding the lady in the “Stressed?” YouTube video

I think a lot of you have seen the YouTube video titled “Stressed”. It’s a video of a lady scolding people on the SMRT train. At one point, she was scolding a guy who sat on the priority seats and chasing him away. The video is fast becoming viral. The original video has gotten more than 160,000 views and there are several other version of it.

I’m not going to post the video here and promote it.

It really sadden me when I read the nasty comments left on YouTube and other forums. Yes, she is clearly having some mental problems. Anyone with some IQ can tell. Why are we, the mentally sound people, making fun of her online? Shouldn’t we show more compassion for her condition? Think about her family members. How would you feel after reading those comments if you are related to her?

And I agree that this is one of the more violent cases I’ve seen. But if you just walk away and leave her alone, it should be alright. In the worst case scenario, just call the SMRT station staff or police for help.

I wonder why the person recorded the video and post it on YouTube. What message are you trying to tell the world other than the fact that you have a iPhone 4?

I wish her family members will bring her to seek some medical attention. I hope they don’t mind the nasty comments online. This kind of things some time makes me wonder who is more mentally unsound, the lady or the commentors?

Steal This Presentation!

Here is a very interesting slides on how to make an interesting presentation.


View more presentations from @JESSEDEE.

Weekend my face kena acne ah….

Ris Low may have leopard preen
But she don’t have camo cream
Enemy stare still can’t find me
But weekend my face kena acne ah
Aiyo aiyo ai aiyo ah
Aiyo aiyo ai aiyo ah

To listen to the song, click here.

Well, at least the acne is not as bad as 2007.


Just finished my 8th In Camp Training (aka ICT/Reservist). Every ICT is a reminder that you are no longer as young and fit as before. This year’s ICT was a lot less xiong compared to the past few years, yet I still feel tired after the exercise. Wonder how did I managed to complete last year’s exercise without falling out.

On a high note, we went to Pulau Tekong for exercise this year. This is my first time back on that island ever since I pass out from BMT. That’s 10 years already. Sure bring back some memories.

Next ICT is in January 2012. We got 1 year break on 2011. That’s a first ever since we ORD. 2 more ICT and we are done. Am looking forward to that. Getting old already. How to continue chiong like the NSF?

Saving every attached/married guy’s ass

Found a company called SaveMyAss. Interesting name. And judging from the service they provide, they can really save a lot attached and married man’s ass.

In short, SaveMyAss is a flower delivery service / relationship insurance policy. They send flowers to their customer’s girlfriend or wife on a regular basis. All the customer needs to do is to sign up for a package and provide important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. SaveMyAss will arrange 10 flower deliveries over the next 12 months to the customer’s girlfriend/wife. A few days before sending the flowers, they will email customer the details to remind them and also to edit or cancel the order if required.

Isn’t this a fantastic service? Now you won’t miss the birthday or anniversaries anymore. There is even a panic button for customers who are in trouble and need to send flower to their girlfriend/wife quickly.

Too bad the service isn’t available in Singapore yet. Every attached and married man should get this service. Hahahaha…..

Ah Kong – A short film by Royston Tan

Do you know that 5.2% of the Singapore population aged 60 years and above are living with dementia? That’s 22,000 Singaporean!

To raise awareness of dementia as well as to de-stigmatise the condition, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has commissioned acclaimed local director Royston Tan, to direct a short film on dementia. Titled “Ah Kong‟, the six-minute film is a moving story on seeing a loved one through the mirror of dementia. The film tells a poignant story of a grandson seeking to understand and reach out to his grandfather who is diagnosed with dementia.

The two-minute version of the film will air on Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham on 26 September 2010 while the full-length version can be viewed on YouTube. Copies of the film will also be made into DVDs and distributed for free at Poh Kim and VideoEzy outlets.

I’ll update this blog post when the short film is up. In the meantime, do stay tuned for the 2 minute version coming your way on 26 September. I’ve added the video at the bottom of this blog entry.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the 10 warning signs of dementia are:-

1. Memory loss that affects day to day functions
2. Difficulty doing familiar tasks
3. Confusion about time and place
4. Problems communicating
5. Difficulty planning or solving problems
6. Poor or decreased judgement
7. Misplacing things
8. Changes in mood or behaviour
9. Changes in personality
10. Withdrawal from work or social activities

Update: Here is the short film, Ah Kong by Royston Tan. Best watched in HD.

Dementia doesn’t change who they are inside.

For more information on Dementia and it’s warning signs, visit