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I’ve always wonder about the song 月亮代表我的心 (The moon represent my heart). I don’t know about you, but if someone tells you that the moon represent his/her heart, then wouldn’t that be something to worry about? Cause the moon changes every night. Hmmm….. OK, I think too much.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everybody.

陶喆 – 月亮代表谁的心

Every Singaporean Son

Cyber Pioneer TV is doing a new series call “Every Singaporean Son”. The series follow 15 recruits from different backgrounds thru their Basic Military Training journey. It’s like BMT reality TV, except nobody gets voted off Pulau Tekong every week.

Here’s the first episode of Every Singaporean Son.

More episodes can be found here. The series started on 08 Jul 10 and subsequent episodes will be released every Tuesday at 6pm.

The opening song for every episode is different to match the episode’s topic. I think all the opening song is pretty nicely done.

For some weird reason, I actually enjoyed watching it. Maybe because the videos bring back some bitter sweet memories of my time in BMT. In fact, it’s been 10 years since I enlist into BMT, yet some things are still the same.

I think all pre-enlistee should watch the video. It provides a rough idea of what to expect in BMT. NOTE: Rough idea only hor.

I know some of you might say this is all wayang. Well, you can’t expect them to show you all the Tekan portion right? And they have to remove all the hokkien vulgarities just in case there are children watching. Apart from that, I think it is a pretty good representation of what’s happening at BMT.

And of cos we shouldn’t show too much spoilers to the pre-enlistee. Else there won’t be any more surprise for them.

PS: Glad that they call the series “Every Singaporean Son” instead of the term “Every Mother Son” which we always use in the army. :)

First Look: Dell Streak

Attended an Alienware event few week ago but was surprised that the Dell Streak made a special guest appearance. Spend some time playing with it and it’s looking pretty good.

The Dell Streak is a 5 inch Android device. This is an interesting size. The Apple iPad is 9.7 inch while Samsung Galaxy Tab is 7 inch. To put things in perspective, the HTC HD2 is 4.3 inch. So I won’t be surprised if someone use this for their daily phone.

The Dell Streak can be considered a phone or a tablet depending on how you view it. You can basically make phone call straight from the device if you don’t find it weird having a 5 inch screen next to your face when on the phone. Personally, I would consider it more of a Tablet than a phone. Or rather, a Tablet that lets you make phone call. The main selling point, I feel, should not be the phone feature. It should be the Tablet feature. A small handy Tablet.

The Dell Streak weighs around 220 grams. Pretty alright weight. I quite like the form factor. The virtual keyboard also makes full use of the bigger real estate by giving you numberpad. The only challenge now for Dell is to get developers to make full use of the larger screen and developer applications for them. Apple didn’t have a hard time to get developers make full use of the iPad’s 9.7 inch screen. For an Android Tablet, things will get a bit tricky as there is no standard size. Well, we’ll see how things work out eventually.

My only dislike for the Dell Streak from my first look is the fact that they are using their proprietary charging/data port and not more popular MicroUSB. That means 1 more cable to carry around.

No news on when the Dell Streak will land in Singapore. But if we are seeing it making guest appearance at events, you can be pretty sure it should be soon. And it will most likely be running Android 2.2.

Speak Good Singlish Lah!

Just a quick plug to the Speak Good Singlish Movement happening on Facebook.

Speak Good Singlish Lah!

Protect your oscillating fan from David Hasselhoff

Remember the series of advertisements from Norton with all the celebrities and a random object? Well, Norton is back with more of these ads. Check out the latest one with the Hoff.

There is another two ads with Dolph Lundgren. Check out here and here.