First Look: HTC Desire HD

After the successful HTC Desire, HTC is launching a upsized version of it call the HTC Desire HD. The HTC Desire HD is a 4.3 inch Android phone. Yeap, 4.3 inch. The only other 4.3 inch phone that I know is the HTC HD2, HTC HD7 and HTC Evo 4G. Interestingly, all of them are from HTC.

Although the HTC Desire HD has a 4.3 inch screen, it doesn’t feel bulky at all. The phone is 12.3 x 6.8 x 1.18 cm and weighs 164 grams. It runs on the latest Android 2.2. Which means the HTC Desire HD have WIFI tethering. Runs on a Qualcomm QSD 8255 1GHz processor and 1.5GB ROM. The standard GPS, Digital Compass, WIFI and Bluetooth 2.1 are all there too. 8 megapixel auto focus camera with dual LED flash. Supports 720p HD video recording.

The 4.3 inch Super LED screen is pretty good for watching movies. The HTC Desire HD also has Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround sound.

The HTC Desire HD comes with free turn by turn navigation software. Maps are stored in the phone so that no additional data charges are incurred when using it. It also come with service. Great stuff. And like most HTC Android phones, the HTC Desire HD comes with the popular HTC Sense user interface.

The HTC Desire HD will be launching in Singapore soon with a suggested retail price of S$888 without contract. Something tells me that this is going to be the next popular phone in Singapore market.

10 Responses to 'First Look: HTC Desire HD'

  1. Lau Kian Seng says:

    he HTC Desire HD will be launching in Singapore soon? Anyone can provide the actual date ?

  2. dk says:

    Very soon. According to HTC, it will be launched in Singapore in early Nov. So either this weekend or next weekend. :)

  3. Roger says:

    How is the battery life? I definitely prefer the big screen, but can the battery last a day with medium use?

  4. Ed says:

    The screens for the desire hd that are sold in hk and tw are lcd, not led. are the ones in sg using led? maybe i shoudl buy from there then.

  5. dk says:

    Ed: We are still waiting for HTC Desire HD to launch in Singapore. It was supposed to be launched early Nov. But I still don’t see them in the store.

  6. SK says:

    Can anyone find out when will they release HTC Desire HD, its been long wait for that phone now already!!!

  7. yz says:

    yea, i waited very long for this phone too, Desire Z just came out, but i do not see the reason why they are still pushing back the release date of Desire HD.

  8. Goondu says:

    It’s SUPER LCD, not SUPER LED. There is still no hp that is using LED yet.

  9. RL says:

    There is LED in hp by samsung called Super AMOLED.

  10. Jun says:

    HTC Desire HD is out. Available in M1 and Singtel online store. but not in Starhub yet.

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