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Johnnie Walker Black Label new look

Johnnie Walker unveils a new look for the Black Label bottle recently.

The new bottle is an ultra-modern interpretation of the classic and iconic square bottle that has become synonymous with Johnnie Walker. The new livery also includes premium gift packaging that features the Striding Man – a symbol of progress and innovation for over 100 years.

But some things never changed. The new bottle still retain the iconic square bottle which was in use since 1870. The bottle were designed to be square so that they can fit more bottles in the same space and reduce breakage in the past. Another thing that didn’t change is the label which is at a 24 degrees angle. The angled label means the text on the label could be made larger and more visible.

The new Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle will be available from December 2010 onwards. Those who attended the exclusive Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party earlier this month had a sneak preview of the bottle. Too bad I couldn’t make it that day.

Singapore GameFEST 2010

I was at the Singapore GameFEST 2010 yesterday. This is the first year SCOGA is organising the GameFEST.

Singapore GameFEST is the home to two major game tournament finals: EPIC eSports Convention National Finals and the Digital Youth Awards Game Segment World Finals. There are a variety of games and exhibits happening. There’s DotA, BlackShot, StarCraft 2, & Super Street Fighter IV.

There is also a tie-up with the world’s biggest digital fest, Dreamhack, and will feature live streaming to and from this year’s Dreamhack Winter 2010 in Sweden. One of Dreamhack’s joint initiatives the “Digital Youth Awards”, has been featured in the Shanghai World Expo 2010 and will be bringing the finals of its game segment to Singapore GameFEST, bringing gamers from all over the world to Singapore.

Another interesting segment is the Singapore Game Box section. It’s a showcase of several flash games designed by our own Singapore developers. Learn more about the Singapore Game Box Inter-Tertiary Challenge here.

Singapore GameFEST (SGF) is happening from 25th to 28th Nov 2010 at *SCAPE. Which means you only got today to visit GameFEST if you are reading this blog entry on the day it is posted. :)

Why the Government should watch CSI, 24 and Fringe

Saw this comic regarding Mas Selamat’s escape.

I think the Government should watch CSI, 24 and Fringe.

Check in to Lenovo’s booth at SITEX 2010

Here’s an interesting use of Foursquare by Lenovo Singapore.

The first 30 person to check in to Lenovo’s booth at SITEX 2010 each day gets a mystery gift.

Interesting usage of Foursquare. Think this is the first time a company in Singapore uses Foursquare at a consumer IT exhibition like this. With such promotion, the Lenovo booth will most likely be trending every morning. Once the location is trending, other Foursquare users nearby will see the location in the trending list. It’s a good way to inform visitors the booth location. I wonder how is the success rate.

Will we see more companies using Foursquare to promote their booth at exhibition?

Angry Birds Plush Toys

In case you haven’t heard about it, Rovio Mobile, the makers of Angry Bird, is going to release Angry Bird Plush Toys. Found this on their Facebook page. Looks pretty good.

You can place your order now at their online store. It’s going to be in limited quantity and will start shipping in Dec 2010. Some of the designs are not available for ordering yet. I guess it’s coming soon…..

Oh, by the way, do you know that Rovio Mobile is working on a version of Angry Bird for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360?