Review: Glif tripod mount for iPhone 4

The Glif is a very simple and elegant product. It’s a tripod mount for iPhone 4. It is also a stand that prop your iPhone 4 so that you can watch video or facetime. It’s an amazingly simple yet useful product.

The Glif works perfectly as a iPhone 4 tripod mount. It doesn’t matter if your tripod is a professional camera tripod or a cheap mini tripod. It works fine for both landscape and portrait mode. This is great for those who wants to do time lapse using the iPhone 4.

The Glif is also a great tool to prop your iPhone so that you can watch video or facetime in a comfortable angle.
The makers of Glif said that it can also be used as a iPhone 4 antenna guard. Well, it does protect you against antennagate. But it’s kinda hard to touch the side of the screen when the Glif is attached to it. I don’t really recommend anyone using it mainly as an antenna guard. You are better off with a iPhone 4 casing.

Due to the nature of the product, the Glif does not work when the iPhone 4 is in a case. I’m quite fine with that. I’m only worried that the Glif might become loose after prolong usage. I hope it wont. After all, the Glif is made from Santoprene (grade 101-87) hard rubber

One cool thing about The Glif is that it’s a project from Kickstarter. I’m one of the contributor to the project. Which explains why I got it so early.

As you can see, I’ll be using my Glif mainly to prop up my iPhone 4 to a comfortable viewing angle for watching videos. I’m also going to try out some time lapse. So keep a lookout for it.
If you are interested, you can order the Glif from their website at USD$20 now.


  1. No apology necessary, DK. I never said it was a beautiful product. However, it does fit in your pocket, and I think most consumers would prefer affordability and functionality over elegance.

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