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World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinect

After seeing so many amazing things that people do with their Microsoft Kinect with the help of OpenKinect, maybe it comes as no surprise when someone make it a controller for World of Warcraft.

But what got me interested is the OpenNI and Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) that is being used to make this possible.

OpenNI is also a open source drivers for Kinect like OpenKinect. Except that it is released by PrimeSense, who built the initial Project Natal reference hardware for Microsoft. If you ask me, I say this is some pretty amazing stuff.

FAAST is a middleware that emulates keyboard input triggered by body posture and specific gestures. This means that it’s going to be even easier for people to control their PC games using Kinect. Just map a keyboard input to a gesture or body posture. That sound pretty easy. (I think)

By the way….. Perhaps someone should change the body posture for moving the character forward in World of Warcraft. Else you are going to have a backache from leaning forward too much.

One small step towards “Jailbreaking” iPod Nano

When Steve Jobs announced the 6th Generation iPod Nano, I thought they would include an App Store. But they didn’t. Maybe Apple don’t intend to allow developers to write applications for the small iPod Nano form factor. Or maybe they will release an App Store later.

But one thing for sure, the hackers will try to Jailbreak the iPod Nano to allow installation of applications. So far, nobody managed to jailbreak the iPod Nano yet. But someone managed to delete an application on the iPod Nano and leave a blank space on the screen. Check out the Youtube video.

Now, before you get excited, the iPod Nano hasn’t been jailbroken yet. But this is one small step towards a jailbroken iPod Nano. It’s just a matter of time. I wonder what application is good for such small form factor.

Check out blog for more updates.

Using Facebook Places in Singapore

If you notice, I managed to check in to Facebook Places a few days ago. And it’s no surprise that the first place I check in is Raffles City Starbucks.

But here’s the thing. Facebook Places is not available in Singapore yet. If I’m not wrong, Facebook Places is only available in US, Canada, Australia, UK and Japan. For the rest of the world, you will have to wait till Facebook decides to roll out Facebook Places to your country.

But the tech community noticed that Facebook is only restricting access to Facebook Places using IP address. So if you managed to get a IP address from a country with Facebook Places access, you can still check in. They don’t restrict by the GPS location that you are checking into. And because of that, there are a few ways to by pass Facebook’s restriction and get Facebook Places.

The easiest method to get Facebook Places anywhere in the world is to get a BlackBerry phone with BIS service. If you check the IP address of your BlackBerry, it will most likely show you an IP address from Canada. This is because the BIS server is in Canada. And Facebook will think that you are from Canada since your IP address is from Canada.

And in case you are wondering, that’s the method I used to check into Facebook Places.

Those who are on BES might not be able to use this method. Well, it depends on which contry your company’s BES is located. If the BES is located in a country with Facebook Places, then you are in luck.

Another method is to use VPN from a country with Facebook Places access. Most of the reliable VPN requires a monthly fee. There are quite a number of free VPN out there in the market. But I advice you to do some research before using them. You never know what information they might be gathering when you are using those free VPN.

Or just wait till Facebook roll out Facebook Places in your country. You aren’t missing out much since not many people are using these hack to check into Facebook Places. And applications like this will only be meaningful when a lot of people are using.

In the meantime, just stick to Foursquare. It seems like Foursquare is getting quite a lot of users in Singapore. It’s not uncommon to see more than 100 people check into a shopping mall during weekends. (Sometimes weekdays too)

Pulau Tekong to be internet ready by 2011

Found this news over the weekend. All 4 BMTC schools in Pulau Tekong will be fully internet ready by 2011. Currently, only 3 schools are internet ready. (I feel sorry for those posted to the 1 school that is not internet ready)

Back in April, Mindef announced that they are issuing laptop too all Recruit. I guess the program is working out well and they are going to push it to all schools now.

But I’m sure websites like Facebook and applications like MSN will be blocked.

I’m still wondering how is training like in BMT with a laptop. Personally I’m very skeptical that the program works well for BMT. I don’t see much benefits in converting the lessons to online. Especially in BMT where the schedules are super packed and everyone stays in from Monday to Friday. I still think that it would work better for reservist units.

I’m actually very curious about this laptop program. I think BMT might not be the best place for this program. But there’s other places in the Army where this program might work well.

I wonder why hasn’t Cyber Pioneer TV done an episode on this. Has anyone been thru BMT on the laptop program? How was the experience like?

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

This video has been going around for the past few days. Damn funny. Check it out.