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Verizon iPhone 4 is real. Comes with Personal Hotspot feature

It is really no surprise that the Verizon event is for iPhone 4. Finally! I’m so glad that I don’t need to hear another Verizon iPhone rumor again. Great! Now, don’t start a Sprint or T-Mobile iPhone rumor. I have enough.

We didn’t see any white iPhone 4 at the event although Verizon’s website did show a White iPhone 4. That is most likely a mistake. Whoever vet the website should be spanked.

But we did see something unexpected. The Verizon iPhone 4 comes with a Personal Hotspot feature. The Personal Hotspot allows the iPhone 4 to connect up to 5 WIFI enabled devices. This basically turns the iPhone into a Mifi or a mobile 3G router. Android Froyo and above have this feature built in.

According to Engadget’s first hands on posting, the Personal Hotspot feature is found inside the iOS setting page. Which makes me wonder….. will our GSM iPhone be getting this Personal Hotspot feature too?

From the look of it, I think we will most likely get the Personal Hotspot feature in the next iOS firmware update. *Fingers crossed*

Update: It appears that the Verizon iPhone 4 is running iOS 4.2.5. The latest version of iOS is 4.2.1.

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A Verizon iPhone is imminent

Verizon is having a media event in New York on 11 Jan 2011, 11am. (12 Jan, 00:00HR Singapore time) Yeap, that’s 1-1-11, 11am. But didn’t Verizon already had a huge media event last week during CES 2011?

All rumors are suggesting that the media event is for the Verizon iPhone. Yes, it seems like the iPhone is finally going to Verizon. It is most likely a iPhone 4. It’s unlikely that Apple will be launching a new iPhone. If there is a new iPhone, the announcement will be made at the Apple event, not Verizon.

But will the Verizon iPhone make much difference? I guess not. We all know that Apple will announce another iPhone to replace the iPhone 4 within 6 months time. It doesn’t make sense to buy a iPhone 4, get tied to a contact and can’t upgrade to the latest iPhone when it is available.

Besides, iPhone 4 isn’t exactly the best iPhone ever made by Apple. It’s not worth getting tie to a contact now and not able to get the next iPhone which will definitely be better than the current version. UNLESS Verizon managed to get the White iPhone 4. But like I said during my 2011 prediction, there will be no White iPhone 4.

The Verizon iPhone 4 announcement might seems a big news to a lot of people living in America who don’t like AT&T network. But it is not going to be a big game changer.

The real game changer is when Apple launch the next iPhone. That’s when both AT&T and Verizon will be launching it at the same time. Now, that will be something more interesting.

Anyway, I’ll most likely still be awake when the event start. Let’s see if there’s anything unexpected from the media event. :)

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s vs MacBook Air Bootup

Check out the Boot Up Race between Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s and MacBook Air. I don’t have the exact specs for both units.

Jump to the 1:05 mark if you want to skip the chatters and watch the “race”.

OK, this is not exactly a fair challenge. The E420s is brand new and fresh out of the box. The MacBook Air has quite a number of applications installed.

But then, the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s bootup speed is still pretty impressive.

Starbucks unveil new logo

Starbucks unveil a new logo last week to their employees in its Seattle offices and on a webcast. It plans to bring the new logo to stores in March when the company celebrates it’s 40th anniversary.

The new logo new drops the words “Starbucks Coffee” that circle around the iconic sea nymph. Starbucks says that the new logo is better suited to its expansion into more international markets. This is the 4th version of the iconic logo since the company opens it’s doors as a small coffee, tea and spice shop in Seattle in 1971.

Personally, I don’t like the new logo. It feels empty without a border “protecting” the Siren. I’m fine if the new logo looks good. But this doesn’t.

I’m sure everyone remember the outcry when GAP tried to change it’s logo a few months ago. Will the new Starbucks logo change face the same reaction? I doubt so. But in every change, there will be resistance. At least you know there are loyal supporters who are passionate about the brand.

What do you think about the new logo?

Speak Good English Movement need a giant post it note for this

@Ackabr spotted this huge poster at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

If the Grammar Nazi at Speak Good English Movement have it their way, they will need to order a giant post it note for this.

I’m so glad that the Speak Good English Movement post it note campaign is a major failure. Luckily for everyone, you don’t see anybody in Singapore going around pasting post it note on signs with grammar mistake. Who came up with that lousy campaign anyway? What a waste of Taxpayer money. And do you guys remember my blog entry about people correcting signs that are perfectly fine? I rest my case.

And honestly speaking, that is a pretty good Singlish slogan. Which is the beauty of Singlish. Simple and straight to the point. Local companies should embrace Singlish like Changi Airport.

So remember, “Flying or not, You shop, Changi Airport absorb your GST“. Onz lah!

Update: 50% of the people I know say this is Singlish while the other 50% say it is correct usage of English. Honestly, I don’t know who is correct. And I don’t really care so long as the message is put across clearly. To me, as long as the message is passed from one person to another without any confusion or misunderstanding, it is a good usage of the language. Don’t you think so?

This case tell us that the whole entire post it note campaign is stupid and full of issues. What if this is really a correct usage of English and someone go paste a huge post it note over it?