Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY advertisement

Here’s a creepy yet awesome advertisement from Sony Ericsson for the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. We all know by now that the Xperia PLAY is going to be the first PlayStation Phone and running Android OS.

I can’t help but think of all the movies with psycho doctor conducting weird experiment on humans when I saw the advertisement. I know it’s pretty dark. But hey! The advertisement is really very well done. And clever too. If the Android wants to play games, it needs to have thumbs. Right? Haha.

Can’t wait to try out the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. Think it’s going to be an interesting product. Luckily for me, I already have 2 thumbs and don’t need to go thru that creepy operation.

So we all know that the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY will be officially launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 13 Feb 2011. We’ve also seen the Xperia PLAY preview by Engadget. Now the only questions left unanswered is……

Who is the owner of the thumb?

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