Facebook blocks Breakup Notifier app

This was perhaps the best Facebook app since Farmville. The Breakup Notifier is a Facebook apps that notify you via email the moment your facebook crush set his/her relationship status to single. If you watch How I Met Your Mother season 5 episode 10, you will understand the importance of the window of opportunity. (If you haven’t watched HIMYM, you totally should)

Anyway, I thought that is the best Facebook app for the longest time. According to TechCrunch, 3.6 million people also think that it’s a good app and signed up for the service. But then Facebook decided to block this amazing facebook application. It is most likely because the application is not following the application guidelines. But I’m sure the developer is working on it to fix the problem. Let’s hope the Breakup Notifier gets back online soon.

And in the meantime, all you stalkers out there just have to monitor your facebook crush’s page manually. But hey, its worth the effort. You never know when the window of opportunity is going to open.

Facebook, if you are reading this, please unblock Breakup Notifier. For the sake of mankind.

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