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Playable Angry Birds birthday cake

Parents, make sure your kids aren’t looking at the monitor before you click the Play button.

Don’t worry, the video is perfectly safe for work. It’s just that you might not want to let your child see this. Or you might need to figure out a way to make or buy this cake for his/her birthday.

Barbie and Ken are back together

Barbie and Ken are back together as a couple after breaking up for 7 years. No surprise here actually. After spending so much money in marketing, it would be stupid for them not to bring the 2 dolls back together. And it’s also good to see 2 less broken hearts in the world, although it’s plastic heart. (Oh wait, do they even have hearts?)

The thing that really interest me is the amount of social media that Mattel used for this marketing campaign. There’s Facebook, Twitter and even Foursquare. And of course, it’s always nice to see traditional media like billboard tied to a social media campaign. I must really say that its more fun running a social media campaign for toys.

Now, which toy character would you like to see on the social media scene? I would actually be interested if The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have Twitter accounts.

And I’m glad that it’s easier for parents around the world to explain the relationship status between Barbie and Ken. No need to explain the concept of ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend and those “It’s Complicated” stuff.

Skype launches WIFI hotspot Operator Partnership Program with leading WIFI providers

Skype recently announced a new service call Skype Access. Skype Access is a pay as you go Internet Service that uses your Skype Credit to get online.

With one click, Skype users can connect to the Internet through a WiFi operator partner in over 500,000 hotspots around the globe including 500 airports, 30,000 hotels and numerous cafes, trains, planes, offices buildings, and convention centers.

Skype Access allows you to pay per minute using Skype Credit. All you need is a connection to a Skype Access compatible hotspot and the latest version of Skype for Mac or Windows. Check out Skype website for the rates.

It would be great if this service is available on mobile Apps too. Imagine being oversea and want to make a quick Skype call back home.

Never ever let a perfectionist do viral video

Check out this video.

I don’t know about you, but I knew it’s a staged viral video within 10 seconds.

Here’s a few tips if you want to do viral video:

If the audio quality is bad, just let it be. Or reshoot the entire video clip. The most obvious giveaway that this is a viral video is that the audio is too clear for a noisy environment. It’s as if they have microphones clipped to their shirts. Or they went back to a studio and re-record the audio. Look, this is not a Mediacorp production. You don’t need perfect audio. In fact, bad audio quality will make it feel more real. If you are afraid people can’t hear clearly, add some subtitles.

And never start recording before the actual event starts. The video should start midway into the staged event. You need time to take out your camera, set to video mode and press the record button. Nobody have six sense and can predict when a video worthy event is going to happen.

And yes, never ever let a perfectionist do viral video. Unless your way of getting the video to go viral is to make people spread the video because it is very fake. If that is the case, then you got me. And judging from the numbers of views, I think this is working pretty well. Haha.

PS: In case you are wondering, this video is most likely from the Saving Gaia campaign. The girl’s name is Gaia.

Singapore abolish TV and Radio licenses

One of the biggest surprised that came from Singapore Budget 2011 is the abolishment of TV and Radio licenses. And it was greeted with cheers on Twitter and Facebook minutes after Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam announced it during the Budget speech. Home owners paid S$110 a year for a TV licence while car owners paid S$27 a year for radio license. Not anymore. TV and Radio license is gone forever.

It is about time. The TV and Radio license are losing their relevance. Although most household owns a TV, not everyone watches TV program on it. Some use it for console gaming only. It is also possible to watch TV program on computers and smartphone. These devices are not covered under the TV license.

Those who have paid the TV and Radio license this year will have it refunded in April 2011. For more information, check out MDA website.

I’m so glad that we finally abolish the TV and Radio licenses. I always said that if the program is good, it will be supported by advertising and there’s no need for funding support. And if the program is not good, then it shouldn’t be produced in the first place. Our neighbour in the north has already abolished the TV and Radio licenses 12 years ago. We are lagging behind.

And for those who are “worried” that the abolishment of TV and Radio licenses means that we will see more rerun of crappy shows, fret not. The money from the licenses were used to fund free-to-air public service broadcasting (PSB) programs. It has nothing to do with other regular programs. Besides, MDA will still be funding those PSB programs directly.