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Twitter Trending Topics for Singapore

OK, I know I’m very late on this news. Twitter added more countries and cities to the Trending Topics back in November last year and Singapore was one of them. How could I have missed that?

Trending Topic is pretty useful for finding out what’s happening. Although most of the time it is filled with nonsense hashtag meme, there are time also time when Trending Topics reflect the latest breaking news. It is also good for finding out what event is happening. But for a country like Singapore, it is quite hard to get a local breaking news or events on the Worldwide trending topics.

Which is why a Singapore Trending Topic list is good news for us. Now it’s easier to discover what’s happening in Singapore.

But here’s the thing…. most of the Singapore Trending Topic are entertainment news related. To be exact, mostly kpop related. This could be because of the large number of local Twitter users being Kpop fans. A lot of Kpop celebrities use Twitter to communicate with their fans.

But that could also be because there isn’t much event happening in Singapore lately. Wait till we have events like Barcamp Singapore. Or during the election period. I’m pretty sure tthe Twitter Trending Topics will be put into better use.

Real Life Mario Kart

This is most likely not the first time someone did a real life Mario Kart and it will not be the last time. But it’s pretty well done. Right?

Here’s the behind the scene video. Too bad they didn’t show us how they do the special effects.

Scrapbook and Need For Speed Underground Demo on BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry showed off some interesting apps on their unreleased BlackBerry Playbook recently at the Mobile World Congress 2011. There’s nothing much special about the apps itself. But the demo did offer us more insights to what the BlackBerry PlayBook is capable of.


The responsiveness of the BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty amazing. And 4 fingers multi-touch? Nice. This should open up a lot of opportunities for developers to be creative in their apps.

Need For Speed

The BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t going to be a all work and no play device. Game developers are also making games for the BlackBerry PlayBook platform. The graphic is pretty good. The most exciting part is the multi-tasking. You can control the apps in minimized mode. Cool! Imagine playing a game minimized mode and having your twitter and email windows opened beside it. That’s true multi-tasking.

Nokia Bubbles

Here’s another interesting experimental project from Nokia Beta Labs.

Pretty innovative. Good for showing off your Symbian phone. But I wonder how many people will find this useful. I haven’t got the chance to try it. But I think I would prefer the bubbles to stay at a fixed location instead of floating around.

I wonder if Nokia will bring this over to Windows Phone 7. Most likely not since Microsoft don’t allow their partner to overlay anything over the user interface.

If you have a Symbian phone, head down to Nokia Beta Labs to download Bubbles.

Download “Home” music video for Charity

I’m sure by now you should have heard about the new “Home” music video for Total Defence Day. If you haven’t, here’s the Youtube video.

Nice right? I keep telling everyone that Home is the best NDP song ever. And our 39 local singers just made it better. I love the rap portion by Haikel. Feel so proud to be a Singaporean when watching the music video. They should use this for NDP 2011.

Anyway, head down to now and download a 6-minute extended version of the video containing outtakes and additional footage. For every download, $1 will be donated to “Dignifying the Lives of the Elderly” and “Keeping Families Together

So quick. Go wack the download button from now till 31 March 2011! I’ve already download 10 times. Will be doing more later :)