Review: Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186

Just got my hands on this amazing gadget from Schwan-Stabilo. The Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186 Superior Plastic Eraser was launched a couple of years ago. It’s weird that nobody did a review of this great gadget.
Before I start the review, let’s talk a little about Schwan-Stabilo. The company was founded as Grossberger & Kurz Bleistiftfabrik (pencil company) in Nuremberg in 1855 and acquired by the Schwanhäusser family in 1865. In 1967 it started a German-Malaysian joint venture called Swan Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. The company changed its name to Schwan-Stabilo in 1976. The have a manufacturing plants in Johor Baru. Interesting. Wonder if I can visit their plant someday.

Anyway, back to the Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186 Superior Plastic Eraser. The Legacy 1186 is a lightweight eraser weighing just 5 grams. Measuring 1.1 x 6.17 x 2.21 cm, it fits nicely in the hands. I think the engineers at Schwan-Stabilo spend lots of time on the ergonomic of the eraser. It’s very comfortable to use and my fingers don’t feel tired after using the eraser for more than 5 minutes.

The Legacy 1186 is able to remove all pencil mark well. But like all erasers, it leaves behind some residue after use. I notice that the Legacy 1186 produce less residue compared to most erasers in the market. Schwan-Stabilo calls this Residue-Less technology. The Residue-Less technology also make most of the residue lightweight and easily blown away with a single breath. But I’m not sure about how easy is it to sweep away the residue from the floor.

The Legacy 1186 uses their famous Superior Eraser Power that does not leave behind any stains on the paper. It is also non-abrasive and less likely to damage the paper. I tried using the Legacy 1186 on different type of paper materials and they all produce excellent results.
I love the bundled multiplayer eraser game that comes with all Legacy 1186. It is the same eraser game that we played when we were young. Schwan-Stabilo managed to port this classic game to the Legacy 1186. The eraser game also works great with other brand of eraser without conflict. Setting up the game with other brand eraser is easy due to the simple interface. But I notice that it’s slightly harder to control the Legacy 1186. Maybe I need more practice. The country flag brand eraser is much easier to control compared to Legacy 1186.

One disadvantage of the Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186 Superior Plastic Eraser is that it can’t remove pen marks. It is quite disappointing that Schwan-Stabilo didn’t include this feature on the Legacy 1186. I hope Schwan-Stabilo will include this feature in the next version.
The Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186 Superior Plastic Eraser is now available at all stationary shops.
In short:
A great eraser with Residue-Less technology and multiplayer eraser game
Ergonomic design
Residue-Less technology
Can’t remove pen mark
Difficult controls on eraser game
Update: Happy April Fools Day!!!!


  1. I have not seen this for the longest time. Is it still available in shops ah?
    I visited a pencil and colour pencil factory before! Amazing how fast the machines make the pencils! You should visit! That was when I was a kid. It was somewhere in JB, dunno the factory is still there or not!

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