April Fools 2011

I love April Fools day. It’s the day when websites and companies be creative and come up with interesting jokes. Here is a list of some of the April Fools jokes for 2011. I’m sure there’s a lot more out there that I missed out.
Which is your fave April Fools Joke this year? My favorite is the PLAYMOBIL(TM) Apple Store Playset by Think Geek.
International April Fools Joke
Google Jobs: Autocompleter – Mountain View
Google Gmail: Gmail Motion

Google Mobile: Meow Me Now
Google: Helvetica and Comic Sans
YouTube: Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911

Blogger: Google to Acquire Blogger
Starbucks: Introducing Starbucks Mobile Pour
Kodak: Relationshiffft APP – Automated Person Purge from Kodak
Toshiba: World’s First and Only 3D Monocle

Groupon: Announcing Our Newest Acquisition
Qualcomm: Way of the Dragon Retreat

Improv Everywhere: Jar Jar Subway Car

Think Geek: Angry Birds Pork Rinds, De-3D Cinema Glasses, Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles, The Original Shirt Plate, Super 3DBoy iPhone Game System, Arsenic-Based Sea Monkeys, Edible Gummy iPhone Cases, Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal, Bonsai Kitty Plush, Chocolate Zombie Bunny, PLAYMOBIL(TM) Apple Store Playset

IKEA Australia: IKEA HUNDSTOL Dog Highchair

Hootsuite: Happy Owls
Atlassian: Angry Nerds
What Mobile: Nokia Microsoft deal falls through as Nokia merges with Google
The Guardian: Royal wedding – live updates
The Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay wins auction site
Virgin: Branson buys Pluto, reinstates as planet
MSN Malaysia: Sick leave to be verified by new medical device
The Independent: Portugal ‘sells’ Ronaldo to Spain in €160m deal on national debt
TechCrunch: Google Inadvertently Classifies Google Places As A “Content Farm” And Removes From Search Index
TechCrunch: In Baffling Move, The Huffington Post Erects Paywall Solely For NYT Employees
Local April Fools Joke

The Online Citizen: Breaking news: TOC to contest Cheng San GRC
mrbrown: Screengrabbed by an alert reader… sigh
Jφss Sticks: STOP PRESS: Jφss Sticks Acquired!
Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Review: Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186
Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: Schwan-Stabilo Legacy 1186 Superior Plastic Eraser