I’ve voted

After living in a democratic country for 31 years, I finally get to exercise my rights as a citizen. The experience was great.

I must say the process went smoothly. Great work by the Elections Department and all those helping out during the Elections. The queue was pretty short when I was there. Only 3 person in queue and I managed to cast my vote within 5 minutes.

I had a strange feeling when the person passed me my ballot paper. It’s like suddenly I have a say in my country. Although it’s just one small little vote, I know it counts.

I don’t really recall what happen at the balloting booth. Honestly, I don’t even remember what is written on the ballot paper. I only know I marked a cross next to the party logo that I’m supporting. And I was resisting the urge to write my personal comments on the ballot paper. Yes, I don’t know why but I just felt like writing some comments to let the person counting the votes know why I voted this way. But then, I guess he/she would be too busy counting the rest of the vote and won’t have time to read. And furthermore, I guess that will also make my vote invalid. So maybe that is not a good idea after all. Haha.

As I was marking the cross, images of the reality show, Survivor comes to my mind. Don’t you think the whole voting process feels somewhat like Survivor? Someone call out your name, you walk to a corner, write on a piece of paper, fold it into half and put it in a box. Except you can’t hold the paper up and say a few words to the camera. And we don’t carry a torch to the polling station and the losing team’s torch isn’t extinguished.

Hmmmm….. maybe we should extinguish the losing team’s torch. Imagine the Returning officer reads out the elections results, extinguish the losing team’s torch and say “The tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go”.

OK, I’m thinking too much. It must be because of the heat.

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