Tin Pei Ling's Facebook posting on Cooling Off Day

I’m pretty sure most of you heard that Tin Pei Ling posted a message on her Facebook during Cooling Off Day.

You might also have read her explanation. According to her, the message was posted by her administrators, Ms Denise He, by accident.
I know some of you are saying there’s no such person. Tin Pei Ling’s filing to Elections Department states that she is the only administrator for the Facebook page. Ms Denise He’s name wasn’t mentioned at all. A lot of people are saying that NSP should file a police report so that Elections Department can investigate into this case.
Honestly, I don’t really care. I assume that Tin Pei Ling is speaking the truth infront of media and that the mistake is really made by her administrator, Ms Denise He. I don’t care if Elections Department is going to take actions against Tin Pei Ling or not. It’s not a big deal. The punishment for not observing Cooling Off Day is just a small fine and imprisonment. Since it wasn’t done on purpose, I don’t think the judge will impose imprisonment. It will just be a fine. I’m pretty sure Tin Pei Ling can afford that.
But what pisses me off is the way Tin Pei Ling handled this whole issue. The administrator of the Facebook page is under her charge. Whatever mistakes her subordinate made is also considered her mistake. That is because she is the one who appointed the person as the administrator. She should be responsible for her subordinate’s error.
But no. Tin Pei Ling did not accept responsibility for the mistake made by her subordinate. All the blame is on Ms Denise He. Tin Pei Ling didn’t even bother to apologise on her subordinate’s behalf. Not only that, I find it distasteful when she revealed the administrator’s name to the media. Totally uncalled for. I feel sorry for Ms Denise He. When Tin Pei Ling succeed, she don’t get much credit. When there’s a mistake, she is the one who takes full responsibility instead of Tin Pei Ling. Disappointing.
Is this the so call 4G leaders?
FYI, there is a petition on going to remove Tin Pei Ling as Member of Parliament. I didn’t sign. Personally I think even if we get the entire Singapore to sign that petition, she will still be a MP. Instead of wasting our time and effort, why not just sit back, relax and see what other entertainment can she provide.


  1. She should be prosecuted and be dealt with through the legal system. The punishment is fine and/or imprisonment. I think if fine below a certain amount and without imprisonment, her MP status will not be affected. I may be wrong.
    By the way, she is not marked as 4G leaders. The potential 4G leaders are Sim Ann, Tan Chuan Jin, Chan Chun Sing and Ong Ye Kung.
    Also, you may like to know that Nicole Seah had also posted on cooling-off day.

  2. Chinleng: Ya, I know Nicole Seah posted at 12:01am. But if you compare that with Tin Pei Ling, I think TPL more serious. But judging from the fact that they can disqualify someone for being 35sec late, I think 1 minute can also prosecuted.
    But like I said, I don’t really care if they are charged or not. It’s just a few thousand dollar fine for them. They can afford it.
    I don’t think MP status will be affected by a fine, unless he/she can pay it. (Which I highly doubt so) It will only be affected by a jail sentence.

  3. To me, both are just equally serious, legally. But TPL shouldn’t have tried to push the responsibility to Denise He. That is not befitting of a MP!

  4. I agree! It’s extremely unbecoming of a leader to just push all the blame onto someone else, even if that person WAS the direct cause of the error. It’s like Wong Kan Seng and Mas Selamat all over again.
    As the face and leader of her own campaign, she should have apologised HERSELF on behalf of her entire team, and not just go “IT WAS HER!” and push someone who has worked so hard and long for her under the bus.

  5. it’s like, you go take a crap and leave your rifle with your buddy and later he lost the weapon. Can you then tell your CO that your buddy lost your rifle so it is not your fault?
    Next time use this TPL excuse when you get into trouble in NS. Why? because we learn from our MPs!!!

  6. Well, you should understand, if Wong KS, doesn’t take responsibility for the escape, why should she. It is a party of “not my fault, my subordinate did it”.

  7. When you post from your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, it actually shows up as “20 minutes via iPhone” on Facebook.
    I don’t believe TPL at all.
    Frankly, I don’t really care if she did or did not post on Facebook on Cooling Off Day. But I do care if she lies about it.

  8. CK: I’m giving her the benefits of doubt. Maybe the person is on iPhone but using Safari to browse Facebook?
    Like I said, a lot of people don’t trust her explanation. I choose to believe her. But I still cannot stand the way she handle the whole incident.

  9. Knowing Singaporeans, we will forget about TPL in a few months. As long as she don’t ever speak in Parliament, people will not remember this after 5 years and then she will be re-elected again through the GRC system.

  10. If is this so-called “Denise He” posted the comment, than why isnt she coming out and stating otherwise? Dont see this person coming forth. However, if her nomination papers does say that she was the administrator of her FB, than who is this FB of is he/she an imaginary person. Likewise, if there is no such person, than who posted the comment. Surely, the trail can be digitally tracked.
    Get to the bottom of it cause something is not adding up. And Ms TPL is not saying anything on this.

  11. “sit back, relax and see what other entertainment can she provide”
    yes, but don’t u think that entertainment that cost taxpayers 15k/month is a little expensive?
    ok, I can’t say more. I’m not the Prime Minister.

  12. Yes, $15k per month is very expensive form of entertainment. But honestly, is there anything we can do about it? Nope. None at all. Even if you get the whole Singapore to sign petition or protest in Hong Lim park, Tin Pei Ling will still be a MP.
    So since we are stuck in such a bad situation, why not make the best out of it?

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