Resorts World Sentosa: Please let the dolphins go….

They might not be the World’s Saddest Dolphins. But you can’t help but wonder is there a need for another dolphins exhibit in Singapore.

Jack and Rai – Please Let the Dolphins Go

This is the Jack & Rai cover of the the campaign song by ACRES Singapore for World’s Saddest Dolphins campaign. The original version is sang by a group of children. I prefer the Jack & Rai version but they all trying to bring across the same message to RWS. Please let the dolphins go.

Visit the website for more info. Join the Facebook page to show your support.

Update: Help sign the petition

5 Responses to 'Resorts World Sentosa: Please let the dolphins go….'

  1. CK says:

    I support the release of the dolphins.

    However, I can’t help but wonder if there will be such a campaign if the animal is something less cute like a stingray or a shark?

  2. Dolphins are good and they maybe nice to look at when they perform some tricks but they are still animals they live what they want. I support to release those dolphins.

  3. Aeve says:

    Hey, just forwarding that is running a petition to make this happen.

  4. dk says:

    Aeve: Thanks. I’ve updated the blog to include the petition link. :)

  5. Huntress says:

    CK – Every live is precious.. from the ant’s to the big blue whale’s. What has cuteness got to do with anything? Injustice, by any other name, is still injustice.

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