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More people attended the Opposition Parties’ rally. So?

We all know that more people are attending the Opposition Parties’ rally than the PAP’s rally. Whenever the Opposition Parties have a rally, that place will surely have traffic jam. Especially the Workers’ Party. And this picture speaks for itself.

If we are casting our votes using rallies attendances, then it would be a landslide victory for the opposition parties. But unfortunately, this is not the way people cast their votes. We still need to go to the polling station on 7th May to cast our votes.

But the attendance at PAP’s rally is really shocking. Compared to the rest of the Opposition Parties, it’s pathetic. And it’s a known fact that PAP ferries their supporters from different areas using chartered bus. They even provide food to these attendees. Yet their rally attendance is nowhere near the Opposition Parties. I don’t know if this has always been the case in the past. Or has the PAP’s rally attendance dropped significantly this year?

But before all the opposition supporters and anti-PAP folks get happy, let me remind you that the attendance means nothing much. It only means that people are curious about what the oppositions have to say and offer.

I was talking about this to my friend when he points out to me that there is no point attending PAP’s rally. Everything you want to know about them is already on the mainstream media and their party brochures. So it’s no surprise that the PAP’s rally attendance is pathetic. I have to agree with him.

But let’s hope those who attended the Opposition Parties’ rally will vote wisely on 7th May.

When was the last time your MP thanked you for your contribution to the nation?

PS: I wrote this blog entry more than a year ago but I forgot to publish it.

I was watching some youtube video on President Obama meeting some of the citizen in public places. He was having a conversation with them, asking what they do for a living and thank them for their contribution to the nation. The video clip was recorded after the election, when he is already the President of United States.

I also remember Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra’s interview on Cnet. (Yes, USA got Federal CTO and CIO) At the end of the interview, he took the opportunity to thanks to the tech community.

Continue to innovate, your country needs you. Develope application and services that will help us improve our healthcare system, our energy system and our education system. If you come out with great ideas, let me know about them and we’ll try to demonstrate as much as possible across the country. Because while we wait for Washington to pass law and rules, we look to your inspiration and the benefit you all make to a make a difference in people’s life and I thank you for what you do.

I was deeply touched by the interview. He sound very sincere and dedicated to his work. In fact, I see a lot of politicians in the western world having the same kind of attitude.

Which makes me wonder something. When was the last time your MP thanked you for your contribution to the nation?

It seems like this is not the culture here. I get this feeling that we owe them a living. That the success of Singapore is solely because of them and nothing to do with us. That we should be the one who thank them for their contribution to the nation. Our little contribution to the nation is unworthy to be mentioned.

But this is not true. Each and every Singaporean contributed to the success of Singapore. You don’t need to be someone important to contribute. So why didn’t our leaders thank us for our contribution to the nation and inspire us to continue to contribute?