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Interview with Mr Yam Ah Mee

Wow, this is the first time I actually interviewed someone. I usually decline offer for interviewing people cause I’m not a journalist. I’m not trained to do it. But how can I reject the offer to interview the legendary Mr Yam Ah Mee?

Mr Yam was at the 100Plus PAssion RunPowered by Newton and PAssion Movie Night event last Saturday. The event was organized by PAssion Card in conjunction with the People’s Association’s One Million PAssion Card Members’ celebrations.

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to interview Mr Yam Ah Mee at the Movie Night together with the rest of the media. This is my first time interviewing a person so please pardon me if it wasn’t well done.

How and when did you find out about your internet fame?
I was at the course of announcing the results in the evening. I have SMSes send to me from my friends, my children’s friends and even from my children who are oversea. They were informing me that they and many of their friends were on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter and are very interested in the announcement of the results.

What was your initial reaction?
I was performing my duties as the Returning Officer. It is important that I concentrate on the task ahead to make sure that everything is announced clearly and concisely. I was paying a lot of attention on the results and I come back to the Facebook, Blogs and Twitter subsequently in the early morning.

Have you listened the remixes of your voice on YouTube?
Yes, I’ve listened to most of the different ranges of the remixes. Most of them are very interesting. Very different variation of it. It’s a different way of expression. It just tell me that the youth in the community are very creative.

Is there any particular remix that you like?
I think most of them feature different aspect of it. Generally, they are all very good. Thank you very much to everyone who put in the effort and their creativity in producing this.

Are there any plans to leverage on your current fame for People’s Association activities and events?
PA organise many activities for the youth in the community and this evening’s PAssion Movie is an example where we use the social media to inform all the Facebook fans about tonight’s event. Almost 4 to 6 thousands people are here, including many friends from Facebook. So it’s indeed a good opportunity for PA to continue to engage all our friends in Facebook, Twitter and Blog to inform them the whole range of different activities where they can participate depending on their different interest. So I would like to continue to do that.

Read your EZ-Link card using Samsung Nexus S

The Samsung Nexus S is one of the first few phone that comes with a built in Near field communication (NFC) module. But here’s the problem, there’s not much service out there that uses NFC. In fact, I bet most Samsung Nexus S users haven’t used their NFC module before. Haha.

I just found out about this from Ridz recently. Actually, most of us have something in our wallet that the NFC module can read. Our EZ-Link card! Our EZ-Link card, like most countries, is using RFID. And someone wrote an Android app that can read the data on the EZ-Link card. It’s call FareBot.

All you need to do is to turn on your NFC, put your EZ-Link card behind your Samsung Nexus S (or any Android phone with NFC module) and FareBot will read the data on the EZ-Link card.

It seems like our EZ-Link card stores the past 15 transactions history on the card. It also stores the value of the card.

Besides transactions history and card value, FareBot is also able to retrieve other information like creation date, expiry date and other info which I have no idea what are they for.

One thing for sure, FareBot is great for testing if your NFC module is working. Now, we need more things to play with the NFC.

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

Interesting stats about Facebook.

48% of 18 to 34 years olds check Facebook right when they wake up. I’m glad to say that I’m the 52%. I check Twitter :)

The Breakup Letter by Smart Design

The Breakup Letter is a design research tool that Smart Design uses to understand the emotional connection between people and their products, services, and experiences.

At IIT’s 2010 Design Research Conference, Smart Design asked participants of their Sex Ed workshop to test out this tool by writing and reciting a Breakup Letter. Each participant took 15 minutes to write a letter and then shared their stories of finally moving on.

I have Netflix in bed with me…

Respect for MP Vikram Nair

I’m sure most of you heard about the recent murder case at Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73 where the murderer dump the body into the water tank.

Even though the town council have washed and sterilised the tanks, a lot of residents are still worried about the safety of the water supply to their flats. This despite the town council, PUB and Member of Parliament reassuring residents that the water is safe.

I’m pretty sure someone would suggest that the MP drink the water straight from the tap. Well, the MP for Sembawang GRC (Admiralty), Mr Vikram Nair did exactly that.

If this is not able to convince the residents that the water is safe, I think nothing will. I personally think that it’s a psychology issue.

Anyway, respect for MP Vikram Nair. It’s good to see the new generation PAP MP lead by example.