Windows 8 User Interface

Microsoft show off the new Windows 8 User Interface recently. Wow, that is fast. It feels like Windows 7 was just launched not long ago. In fact, a lot of people are still on older version of Windows. I’m still using Windows XP in my office.
This is just the first of the series of Windows 8 videos that Microsoft will slowly roll out to tease us.

Try to think of it as Windows Phone 7 on top of Windows 7. I think this is a natural step that all Operating System will be going. We are seeing more and more Desktops with touch capabilities like HP TouchSmart and Sony VAIO L. These devices all have their own touch interface on top of Windows 7. This is because Windows 7 isn’t really Touch friendly. With Windows 8, PC makers no longer need to create their own interface on top of Windows. Windows 8 will standardize the touch interface on all desktop, laptop and tablets running Windows. And I must say that the tile system looks great and will be very useful on a big screen.
I love the way that the touch keyboard can be split in the middle. This keyboard is great for thumb typing on a tablet. I’ve been wishing that iPad have such keyboard.
And for those who don’t like the tiled touch interface or don’t have the hardware for touch interface, Windows 8 still retains the good old Windows interface. Or you can split the screen to 2 parts. I think when I got Windows 8, I’ll have my Twitter running forever on the side. 🙂 It is very clear that Windows 8 user interface is designed with touch in mind. But at the same time, it did not forget about those who just want a good old desktop without touch.
I think Microsoft is finally getting their tablets right this time. I’ve always been saying that Windows is not suitable for tablets because the interface is not suitable for touch. But it seems like the Windows 8 is going the right direction for touch without compromising the good old desktop interface.
No news on roughly when will Windows 8 be out. Expect somewhere 2012. I’m guessing it will be late Q3. In the meantime. let’s wait for more teaser from Microsoft.
Note: Windows 8 is still a code name for now. It might not end up as Windows 8 eventually.

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