I'm pissed off with some Companies and PR Agencies

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for the longest time. After going for so many tech events, there is one mistake that a lot of companies and PR Agencies always make that never fails to piss me off.
They like to show off their latest and coolest product in a room with poor lighting conditions.

I’ve lost count of the number of times when a product launch is held at a restaurant or club with poor lightings. Yes, I know ambiance is important. But another thing that is equally important is the lights. There are a lot of bloggers like me who don’t like to use the standard PR product shots and prefer to take the photos ourselves. It’s our style. Which is why it always piss me off whenever companies and PR agencies choose to launch their product at a place with poor lighting condition. It’s hard to take photos with poor lighting condition. We can use Flash but honestly, unless you got a good DSLR with external flash, the photos will turn out pretty bad.
In the past, we tried using our phones to light up the product so that we can take a proper photo. But you usually need 2 to 3 phones to light up a product properly. I’ve feedback to a lot of PR agencies already but none of them seems to listen. Since nobody bother, I’ve decided to take things in my own hands and purchase this Sima Ultra Bright Video Light from Amazon.

It’s a very bright portable LED light that can be mounted on your camera or tripod. I’ve seen Daniel Tsou used it a couple of times when the venue’s lighting condition is poor. It works pretty well.

So this blog entry is for all Companies and PR Agencies. Go ahead and have your events at venues with poor lighting conditions. I got my own lights now. And yes, I know some of you will purposely have your event at even darker places after reading this blog entry so that I can’t take proper pictures even with the light. No worries, I got 2 of them. Hahahaha…..
And if that’s not enough, Daniel, Justin Ng, Dennis and Lester also have the same lights. In total, we have 9 Sima Ultra Bright Video Light. Enough to compete with the National Stadium floodlights.
So go on! Have your events at dark dark places. See who wins this time.

PS: In case you still haven’t notice, I’m just joking about being pissed off with poor lighting conditions. Hahaha…. Where got so easy make me piss off one?


  1. Good point. I think its a tendency to miss out the obvious.anyway, we will make sure we have bright bright lights for all our blogger friends n if that fails,we will have to at least give out the bright portable light premiums!:)

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