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World’s fastest Rubik’s Cube robot

Not sure if this is the fastest Rubik’s Cube robot in the world now. But the title of the video claims that it’s the world’s fastest.

10.18 seconds. Is this the best from the Machines?

Well, if this is the fastest that the machines have to offer, then there’s still some hope for mankind. The current World Record for Rubik’s Cube is 6.65 seconds by Feliks Zemdegs from Australia.

Keep up the good work guys! We have already lost International Chess and Jeopardy to the Machines. Let’s not lose to the machines in Rubik’s Cube.

Kuel H10 Stylus for iPad, iPhone or any capacitive screen

Decided to buy a stylus for my iPad 2 after I got Notes Plus. There’s quite a number of capacitive screen stylus in the market now thanks to the tablet craze. After shopping for a while, I decided to get the SGP Kuel H10 stylus.

The main reason why I got the Kuel H10 Stylus is that there’s a cap to protect the pen tip. Strangely, a lot of stylus in the market does not have a cap. Don’t know why. Wouldn’t it make sense to protect the silicon stylus tip?

There is a strap plug for you to hang the cap and the stylus on your 3.5mm audio jack. Pretty useful. But do note that the strap plug is only strong enough to hold the stylus. Do not attempt to lift your device by holding the stylus. The strap plug will give way and your precious device will most likely have a nasty fall.

The Stylus can be extended when in use. The weight of the stylus is pretty good although personally I wish it would be slightly heavier. It’s quite comfortable to write/draw using the stylus. The stylus works with all capacitive screen. This means your iPhone, iPad or any phone with capacitive screen. In fact, you can even use the stylus on the MacBook’s trackpad. Haha!

Another reason why I choose the Kuel H10 stylus is the pricing. Most shops are selling it at S$29.90. The SGP online store is selling it at US$12.99. Actually, if you think about it, most of the capacitive screen stylus nowadays are overpriced. I found some stylus selling at almost S$50. Why is it so expensive? And I still remember we were complaining that those S$10 resistive screen stylus were expensive back in the Palm OS days.

PS: It feels funny finding myself going back to the “Pen Computing”. I thought the whole idea of capacitive screen is to allow interaction without a pen. But I guess sometimes it’s easier to draw or write using a pen than finger. Well, at least we got the option to use finger or stylus.

Failed robbery at Johor Bahru

Here’s a failed robbery attempt at Setia Indah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 27th May 2011 0226hrs.

Twitter add email notifications for mentions

Twitter just rolled out some new email notification features recently.

When someone mention/reply you, Twitter will send you an email notification. You can also set notifications when your Tweet is being marked as favorites or retweeted.

Question is, how useful is this feature? To me, I find it pointless to notify me when someone mention me. I already using Boxup to do push notification on my iPhone whenever someone mention me on Twitter. Most smartphone Twitter users also have an app that notify them when someone mention them like Twitter, Tweetdeck etc etc.

I don’t know who will find this feature useful. Seems pointless to me. Oh well. I guess it’s good to have.

Anyway, if you don’t want your mailbox to be filled with the email notification, just go to the Twitter notification settings to disable it. I’ve disabled mine before my email box get flooded.

A need for cooling period after nomination day

I know this has been ongoing for the past few elections but we never really take notice. The filing of election expenses.

The total election expenses for the Tanjong Pagar GRC PAP team is S$164,000. This amount worked out to about S$1.20 per elector, or one-third below the maximum S$3.50 a candidate can spend on each voter.

Wait a minute! Isn’t Tanjong Pager GRC a walkover constituency? Why is there an expenses for a constituency that isn’t contesting for the election? According to the news report, the money was spend on posters, banners, party flags, GRC manifestos and sample polling cards for voter education and distribution.

Well, here’s the problem. We all know that the Singapore General Election is a mad rush. After nomination day, there’s just 9 days of campaigning. Every minute is crucial to the candidate. Once nomination is closed, everyone have to rush to put up posters and distribute flyers. All the parties print these materials before nomination day so that they use it the moment nomination closes.

This wouldn’t be an issue if all constituencies are contested. But sadly, this is not always the case. And if the constituency is not contested, all those money spend on printing posters and flyers goes to waste. We are fortunate that there’s only 1 GRC that is uncontested after nomination day. Can you imagine how much money was wasted in the past when more than half the seats went uncontested after nomination?

And to make things worst, there is a last minute change of candidate for the PAP team in Tanjong Pager GRC and Tampines GRC. This means that they have to throw away the old posters and reprint new ones. This is why the election expenses for Tanjong Pager GRC is higher than usual for a walkover GRC. I’m waiting to see how much money did the Tampines GRC PAP team spend during the election.

Here is my suggestion. Why not amend the Parliamentary Elections Act to add a cooling period after nomination day? All political parties and candidates are not allow to print their campaigning materials before nomination day. They can prepare the artwork first but strictly no printing before nomination ends. They can only start printing the materials after they confirm that they will be contesting in the election. I think 1 day should be enough. Or maybe 2?

I know election is just once every 5 years. But those money can be put in better use.

PS: According to a Facebook posting by Nicole Seah, the Marine Parade GRC NSP team’s election expenses are well over S$35,000. We don’t know the exact amount yet until they complete their filling to the Election Department. But one thing for sure, a contesting opposition party team spend a lot lesser than a non contesting PAP party team. Something isn’t right here.