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SGNIC launches Chinese and Tamil domain names

Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) recently announced the launch of Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs). For a start, SGNIC will start accepting domain names in Chinese and Tamil language.

Registrations of IDNs can be made with any of SGNIC’s participating accredited registrars and will only be available at the 2nd level i.e. “.新加坡” and “.சிங்கப்பூர்” which represent “Singapore” in the Chinese and Tamil languages respectively.

This means that we will see entirely Chinese and Tamil domain names like http://家园.新加坡 or http://முகப்பு.சிங்கப்பூர். (I hope my Tamil is correct). It is also possible to mix English letters with Chinese words or English letters with Tamil words to form a IDNs. Which means you can have http://love华语.新加坡 or http://நான் நேசிக்கிறேன்you.சிங்கப்பூர்

But you can’t mix Chinese and Tamil together. Damn! Can’t register http://我会தமிழ் மொழி.新加坡

Phrase 1 of registration is from 4 July 2011 (9am) to 15 Aug 2011 (5pm) and is applicable for existing registrants of Chinese Domain Names.

Phrase 2 of registration is from 12 Sept 2011 (9am) to 8 Nov 2011 (5pm) and is applicable for Trademark Holders, Government Agencies and other interested entities and individuals. A priority fee of $100 for each name will apply to registrations from non-trademark holders and non-governmental agencies.

Phrase 3 of registration is from 14 Dec 2011 onwards and is applicable for all entities on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information, refer to SGNIC Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) Launch Guidelines.

Hmmm….. should I register http://帝克.新加坡 just for fun? (FYI: 帝克 means DK in Chinese. OR at least that what I think it should be in Chinese form although it’s highly debatable.)

First Look: Sony Ericsson LiveDock

Here’s a cute and kawaii accessory that Sony Ericsson launched last week together with the Xperia active, Xperia ray and Xperia txt.

The Sony Ericsson LiveDock is a dock with a MicroUSB cable for connecting and charging your phone. Sony Ericsson recommends that you pair the LiveDock with an Xperia phone. But I’m pretty sure the LiveDock’s charging feature works with any other phone with a MicroUSB port. But of course you might not be getting the extras if you are not using a Sony Ericsson Xperia phone.

The Sony Ericsson LiveDock is more than your average charging dock. The LiveDock has a USB port for you to connect a USB device such as keyboard, mouse or gamepad if the phone has support for USB OTG.

The LiveDock is the first accessory that supports ConnectLaunch. Developers will have the ability to configure their apps to work with the LiveDock thru ConnectLaunch.

The best part of about the LiveDock is that you can instantly launch your favourite apps when you dock your Android phone. All you need is to download Sony Ericsson’s LiveWare manager application which is available in the Android Market.

Each LiveDock have a “Unique ID” so that your Xperia phone will know where is it being docked. You can then configure your Xperia phone to launch certain apps when docked on different LiveDock. Ideally, you can place a LiveDock in the bedroom and configure it to launch the alarm clock when docked in the bedroom. Then configure it to launch the video player when docked on the LiveDock in the Living room, recipe app when docked in the kitchen and email client when docked on the LiveDock in your office. You get the idea. Come to think of it, this is very cool.

But let’s face it, how many people are going to own more than one LiveDock? Not many I guess.

Mindef to issue iPad to NSF

I don’t understand something. Mindef decided to make a bold move by issuing iPad to NSF for training purpose. Instead of praising Mindef for taking a big leap in technology, the local twittersphere end up mocking Mindef with the hashtag #ipadsforsaf. Is it really such a bad idea?

If you recall, Mindef has already started issuing laptop to all recruits in BMT since last year. All 4 BMTC schools will be internet ready by this year. This iPad scheme is most likely going to replace the existing laptop scheme.

FYI: These iPad will most likely be like the laptop. They are issued to the recruits during training and they don’t get to keep it after they leave the school.

Moving from laptop to iPad is a natural progression. More and more people are using iPad instead of laptop lately. Take my company for example, I notice that a lot of my colleagues in my company are using iPad during meetings instead of notepad or laptop. Alaska Airlines have replaced their pilot manuals with iPads. United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan have also replaced their heavy stacks of paper charts and grid reference graphics from their cockpits and replaced them with the iPad. The US Army is now looking into implementing the iPad in their daily operations. That means bringing the iPad out to the battlefield.

So I don’t really understand why is everyone making fun of this scheme. We are not the first to do it and we will definitely not be the last.

And of course there are pros and cons to this scheme. This is not a perfect scheme. The iPad isn’t really durable. In fact, issuing iPad to soldiers will increase their chances of signing 1206 (damage or loss of equipment). And personally, I don’t think iPad is suitable for field operation. It’s ok for training purpose. But when it comes to real operations, maybe you won’t have the time to IM your commanders during a battle.

But come on, Mindef is trying out new technology to enhance training. I don’t see what is wrong here. Cut them some slack. Give them time to explore these high tech consumer grade equipment and evaluate to see which is more suitable for our 3G army.

Oh by the way: Does that means that we can bring our own iPad 2 to ICT next time? I really hope can. Pleaseeeee…….

Team Fortress 2 – Free forever

Good things in life do come for free. The developer of Team Fortress 2 has announced recently that the game has gone free, forever. Yeah, forever free.

In order to get Team Fortress 2 for free, gamers will need to access the free-to-play title on Valve’s Steam digital-game-distribution service. It’s available on both PC and Mac.

But Valve hasn’t given up on trying to make a few bucks from Team Fortress 2. Gamers can still buy virtual goods in-game to improve their gameplay experience.

And yes, I’m downloading Team Fortress 2 now as we speak. So in case I don’t update my blog for the next few weeks, you know what happen to me.

Another piece of the ceiling fell down

Another piece of concrete slab fell off from my home ceiling. This time, it’s a lot bigger than the previous round. And luckily nobody is at home this time round. Cause this time it’s right above my dad’s bed.

And it brought the fluorescent light down at the same time. Which explains why the photos look like this. I was using my Sima light to take photos. Bright hor?

The fluorescent light landed on the bed too, so there no broken glass to clean up.

So yes, luckily nobody is at home when the concrete slab fell off. Else I don’t know what will happen if the concrete slab and fluorescent light land on someone’s head.

In case you are wondering, the proper term for this is call spalling concrete. Spalling concrete is usually the result of a combination of poor installation and environmental factors which stress the concrete, causing it to become damaged.

I think I can start finding a contractor to fix the spalling concrete. Most of the concrete slab that are about to fall off have fallen off.