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I’m pissed off with some Companies and PR Agencies

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for the longest time. After going for so many tech events, there is one mistake that a lot of companies and PR Agencies always make that never fails to piss me off.

They like to show off their latest and coolest product in a room with poor lighting conditions.

I’ve lost count of the number of times when a product launch is held at a restaurant or club with poor lightings. Yes, I know ambiance is important. But another thing that is equally important is the lights. There are a lot of bloggers like me who don’t like to use the standard PR product shots and prefer to take the photos ourselves. It’s our style. Which is why it always piss me off whenever companies and PR agencies choose to launch their product at a place with poor lighting condition. It’s hard to take photos with poor lighting condition. We can use Flash but honestly, unless you got a good DSLR with external flash, the photos will turn out pretty bad.

In the past, we tried using our phones to light up the product so that we can take a proper photo. But you usually need 2 to 3 phones to light up a product properly. I’ve feedback to a lot of PR agencies already but none of them seems to listen. Since nobody bother, I’ve decided to take things in my own hands and purchase this Sima Ultra Bright Video Light from Amazon.

It’s a very bright portable LED light that can be mounted on your camera or tripod. I’ve seen Daniel Tsou used it a couple of times when the venue’s lighting condition is poor. It works pretty well.

So this blog entry is for all Companies and PR Agencies. Go ahead and have your events at venues with poor lighting conditions. I got my own lights now. And yes, I know some of you will purposely have your event at even darker places after reading this blog entry so that I can’t take proper pictures even with the light. No worries, I got 2 of them. Hahahaha…..

And if that’s not enough, Daniel, Justin Ng, Dennis and Lester also have the same lights. In total, we have 9 Sima Ultra Bright Video Light. Enough to compete with the National Stadium floodlights.

So go on! Have your events at dark dark places. See who wins this time.

PS: In case you still haven’t notice, I’m just joking about being pissed off with poor lighting conditions. Hahaha…. Where got so easy make me piss off one?

Panasonic joining the Tablet war

Everybody is making a Tablet nowadays. But I’m sure most of us are surprised when Panasonic announced that they are going to release a Tablet. And it’s not just any ordinary Tablet. It’s a Toughbook Tablet.

Most Tablets you see in the market now aren’t exactly durable. It’s hard to make a 10 inch glass tough and durable. All you need is a few hard knock to break the Tablet. They are definitely not ruggedized for the great outdoor. And that’s a void that Panasonic can fill easily using their experience from the Toughbook laptop.

The Toughbook Tablet is a 10.1 inch Tablet running on Android. XGA multitouch with high brightness, daylight viewable screen so that users can see the screen easily under sunlight. Built in GPS. Option of built-in 3G/4G. Comes with an active stylus for capturing signatures. Most importantly, it’s ruggedized.

The Panasonic Toughbook Tablet is expected to be release some time Q4 2011.

Using Parrot AR.Drone to inspect buildings after earthquake

Here’s a great use for the Parrot AR.Drone. Engineers in New Zealand used the iOS WIFI controlled quadricopter to inspect a 106-year-old Roman Catholic Cathedral after an earthquake. It’s too dangerous for human to enter the building. It seems like the Parrot AR.Drone is perfect for the job.

Here’s footage from the Parrot AR.Drone built in camera. Not very clear though. If only they came with better quality camera.

OK, let’s be honest. Any remote controlled helicopter with camera attached can do similar stuff and they are much cheaper than the Parrot AR.Drone A Parrot AR.Drone cost around S$499 in Singapore and that’s excluding a iOS device which you need to use for controller.

But you definitely won’t get the same cool factor.

BTW: Did I mentioned to you that I wanted a Parrot AR.Drone for Christmas?

Fruit Ninja coming to Xbox Kinect

Wow! The popular iOS game Fruit Ninja is coming to the Xbox Kinect!!!

Surprisingly, Fruit Ninja Kinect looks more interesting than Fruit Ninja on iPhone/iPad. Instead of using fingers, you are using your hands to slice the fruit.

I wonder if you can use your legs to kick too. Haha

Fruit Ninja Kinect will be released in Q3 2011.

Google Instant Pages – Googling just got a little faster, again

Just when you thought that Googling can’t get any faster after Google Instant, the folks at Google unveiled Google Instant Pages that makes Googling even faster.

Google Instant Pages works by first predicting which search result you will click after keying your search term and starts pre-rendering the page in the background before you click on the results. Basically, Google is making full use of the time you take to decide which search result to click. This means you will see the page you are searching for almost immediately if Google predicts it correctly.


Google will only pre-render the page when they are confident that you will click on the result. Search traffic will be measured in Webmaster Tools just like before this feature, with only results the user visited counted.

Google Instant Pages will be available this week on Chrome Beta. It will not be available on other browsers for now. Google also have plans to roll out Instant Pages to mobile.

Google also unveiled Voice Search and Search by Image recently at their recent Inside Search event. I’m not a fan of Voice Search actually. Still not used to the concept of speaking to machines. But Search by Image is impressive. I’ll talk more about it soon.