The Shell FuelSave Challenge 2011

I took part in the Shell FuelSave Challenge few weeks ago. It seems like I’ve become a regular at the Shell FuelSave Challenge. This is the 3rd year that I’m taking part. Check out my 2009 and 2010 entry.

I didn’t really prepare for the Shell FuelSave Challenge. There isn’t much to prepare. I guess if I got more time, I can consider going on a diet. After all, extra weight in the car will increase the fuel consumption. Just kidding. You need to reduce the weight by at least 45kg in order to see 1 – 2 % difference in fuel consumption. And I doubt I can lose 45kg easily.

Before the challenge, Shell gave us some crash course on Fuel Saving tips. To me, it’s like a refresher course. I know all these tips from my past experience during the FuelSave Challenge. These are things that you learn once and never forget. It’s still that few simple steps. The problem is, will you remember to apply them when you are driving.
10 Fuel Saving Tips from Shell
1. Service your engine
2. Keep your tyres at the right pressure
3. Avoid carrying excess weight
4. Use the correct oil
5. Drive smoothly and avoid high speed
6. Keep the windows closed
7. Use cruise control
8. Avoid excess idling
9. Avoid over revving
10. Use air conditioning sparingly

In the end, I managed to travel 16.624km on 1 litre of fuel. That’s not bad but not enough to win the challenge.
The winners for Shell FuelSave Challenge 2011 are Edmund and Diana. They managed to drive 19.376km and 17.744km using 1 litre of fuel respectively. Congrats! They walked away with $5000 Shell vouchers each. That’s equal to 1 year supply of petrol.

End of the day, I guess everyone win by gaining more knowledge on fuel saving.

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