Review: Dockem – Wall mount for your smartphones or tablets

I love It is filled with creative and innovative ideas. So far, I’ve supported 3 ideas and I’m always on a lookout for more great ideas.

But interestingly, I didn’t see Dockem when it was seeking funding at Kickstarter. But luckily for me, the creators of Dockem send me a set for review.

I was rather surprised when I first got Dockem. The packaging is plain and boring. But don’t be fooled by the packaging. It’s the contents that matters.

The Dockem is a simple and very elegantly designed universal wall dock for your smartphones and tablets. It is able to fit any device that is less than 20mm thick. Which means your iPhone, iPad, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Torch, PlayBook etc etc can all be used with Dockem. There’s a hook at the bottom of the Dockem for you to hang your charging cables.

Dockem is mounted to the wall (or any surface) using the 3M Command Strips. You can easily get replacement from stationary shops. One thing I love about Dockem is that there is a compartment to hide the unsightly 3M Command Strip “tail”. When you need to remove Dockem from the wall, simply use a pin or toothpick to pull out the 3M Command Strip’s “tail” from the compartment and pull the “tail” downwards.

I love the way that the Dockem is designed to work perfectly with the 3M Command Strip. We all know that 3M Command Strip is very reliable. I have no worries hanging my iPad 2 on the wall with Dockem. I’m very confident that the 3M Command Strip will keep Dockem and my iPad on the wall for as long as I want. The 3M Command Strip is able to hold up to 2kg load. I don’t think there’s a tablet that is heavier than 2kg. If your Tablet is more than 2kg, then I guess you should get a lighter tablet.

A set of Dockem and 3M Command Strips cost US$9.99. Shipping cost around US$2 to US$5. For more info, check out the online store.

Now that I have Dockem, the question is….. Where should I hang my iPad 2?

Hmmmm……. well, if I can waterproof my iPad 2, maybe I can use Dockem in the bathroom so that I can watch Youtube or check Facebook & Twitter while in the shower. I just need to remember not to turn on FaceTime by accident.

11 Responses to 'Review: Dockem – Wall mount for your smartphones or tablets'

  1. Daniel Koh says:

    Great post!

    I can see it being used inside a car as well… :x

  2. dk says:

    Daniel: Might not be that ideal to mount it inside a car.

  3. Kenneth Liew says:

    Hi DK,

    Love the Dockem video, is it available in Singapore yet?


  4. dk says:

    Kenneth: Nope. They are still trying to get distributors. If you like it, can always go to their website to buy. They’ll just mail it to you. That’s how I got mine :)

  5. Kenneth Liew says:

    OK, got it. I think they don’t ship to Singapore, will get them to ship to my borderlynx address. Thanks!

  6. dk says:

    Kenneth: They do ship to Singapore. :)

  7. Victoria Taylor says:

    This is great! thanks for the post!

  8. Suzie says:

    This is a great review.. Love to have that one! Thanks for sharing.. Keep posting some more!

  9. Violita says:

    Wow!Incredible dockem..I need to buy one.Very accessible.Thanks.
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  10. Marcella says:

    cool stuff, i like! ^^
    Marcella´s last blog post ..Checking Account for Chexsystems

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