Facebook lets you announce your pregnancy to your friends

Here’s an interesting new feature on Facebook. Facebook now allows you to indicate on your profile when you are expecting a child. The feature works just like Family relationship feature.

To add the pregancy information to your profile, click on your profile (top right hand corner), then “Edit profile” and go to “Friends and Family” section. From the Select Relation drop down box, choose “Expected: Child” option. From there, you can set the expected due date and name of the baby if you already have 1. Strangely, there’s no option to set the gender of the expected child.

After you click save, Facebook will write on your wall saying you are expecting a child. The information of your expected child will also appear on your profile page under the Family section.

This is a very interesting feature. Previously, parents usually change their own profile picture to a photo of the ultrasound scans and post a status update to inform their Facebook friends about the good news. Some parents will even create a profile for their unborn child which is against Facebook’s terms of service. According to Facebook’s terms of service, all users must be at least 13 years old.

I guess this new feature will most likely reduce the number of people breaking Facebook’s terms of service.

But here’s the question: what will happen to the Expected Child status after the baby is born? Will Facebook remember the information for 13 years and let the child set up a Facebook account when he/she reaches the allowed age for Facebook account? (That is provided that Facebook still exist 13 years later)

2 Responses to 'Facebook lets you announce your pregnancy to your friends'

  1. ella says:

    I find this hilarious that they do something so unthought through, after all they are a billion dollar company.
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  2. melissa says:

    So, more silly stuff from facebook. If you need to announce a baby on fb then you need some help. Just call your friends!

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