The art of crossing road in Vietnam

I’ve always heard about how scary it is to cross the road in Vietnam. You really need skill and lots of guts. Recently, I discovered that there’s actually quite a number of Youtube video documenting this phenomenon. You can try searching for “crossing vietnam” or “crossing Hanoi”. You’ll be amazed by the number of videos on this.

I’m so glad I live in a country where motorist obey pedestrian crossings sign.

I’ve never been to Vietnam. But I heard from friends that in order to cross the road in Vietnam, you just need to walk across slowly. Don’t make any sudden movements. The motorbikes will find a way to go pass you. Having lots of guts helps too.

Have you been to Vietnam? How do you cross the roads there?

2 Responses to 'The art of crossing road in Vietnam'

  1. Lester Chan says:

    I been go Vietnam last year. You just have to plug your courage and cross slowly! There traffic lights near shopping district though.
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  2. Mrs Foo says:

    cool that people actually do videos of this! I was there some years back… took a while to pick up my guts and just do it.

    Here’s a tip: For your first time, stick close to other viets and cross when they do :)

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