Finally, a standardize 3D glasses

One of the biggest problem with 3D TV is that there is no standardize 3D glasses between different brands. Which means the 3D glasses for Samsung TV will not work on another brand like Sony or Panasonic.

Well, things are about to change. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and universal glasses maker XpanD are announcing the “Full HD Glasses Initiative” which should lay down a standard for consumer active shutter glasses to communicate over Bluetooth or IR. The new standard should be backwards compatible with 3D TV bought this year. But no promise for the earlier adopters.

We should expect to see the Universal glasses with the new IR/RF protocols in 2012.

Not sure if this will increase the 3D TV adoption rate. But at least now we know it will be easier to hold a 3D movie screening party among your friends.

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