A blog entry withot 3 letters

PS: This blog entry is written withot 3 letters. If a word looks fnny, try adding 1 of the 3 letters into it to ake sense.
Need to by a new keyboard for y iac again. 3 of the letters on y keyboard is spoilt. The letter between: ‘Y’ and ‘I’; ‘H’ and ‘K’; ‘N’ and ‘,’. This is not the first tie this happened. The last tie this happen was in Deceber 2009 when the letter ‘X’ was spoilt.

Well, at least tie this rond, there’s 3 keys that are falty. So at least it doesn’t feel so expensive. Shold I by the noral Apple wired keyboard or get the bletooth keyboard? Tepted to get the Bletooth keyboard case I can also se int on y iPad.
Coe to think of it, y iac anaged to otlast 2 keyboard. Not bad. Haha.


  1. Chester: Next time I do without all vowels. Haha
    Lester: I also prefer the wired keyboard with numpad. But I don’t know how long my iMac will last. So maybe better buy a Bluetooth keyboard so that I can use for my iPad too.

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