Razer Blade

Watch out Alienware, Razer is eyeing the Laptop Gaming Market. And they just announced the Razer Blade last Friday evening which looks like a pretty good contender.

Although I disagree with the marketing speech that this is the world’s first true gaming laptop, I must say that the specs and design looks really good.

Let’s start with the specs. 17.3 inch LED Backlit Display (1920×1080), 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-2640M CPU, GeForce GT555M GPU with 2GB of dedicated video memory, 8GB RAM and a 320GB 7200RPM harddisk. OK, besides the harddisk, everything looks impressive. And Razer managed to squeeze everything into a 42.69 x 27.69 x 2.23 cm form factor and weighs 3.16kg. 3.16kg may seems heavy for most people, but remember, this is a 17.3 inch laptop. It’s quite impressive that they manage keep it at 2.23cm thick.

What attract my attention about the Razer Blade is the Trackpad. Instead of being positioned below the keyboard like most laptops, the Trackpad on the Razer Blade is located on the right side of the keyboard. I’ve never tried serious gaming on a Trackpad before. I still think you need a mouse for PC gaming. But if you really want to try playing games like First Shooter using a Trackpad, I guess positioning it on the right side of the keyboard helps a bit.

But I think the main reason why they position the Trackpad on the right side of the keyboard is so that your hands won’t obstruct the display on the Trackpad. YES, The Trackpad is actually a 480 x 800 LCD screen which acts as secondary display when you plug in a mouse. The secondary display can be used to display mini maps, player stats etc etc. Razer will eventually release the API so that game makers can utilize the secondary display.

At the top of the Trackpad is 10 customizable dynamic keys. These keys’ image changes according to the games you are playing. Cool.

The Razer Blade will be released in North America in Q4 2011 at US$2799.99. No news on the Singapore release date and pricing yet.

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