Every Singaporean Son Epilogue

Remember Every Singaporean Son by Cyber Pioneer TV? Well, they are back with season 2 now. OK, they are calling it the epilogue, but I prefer to call it season 2. Haha

Every Singaporean Son Epilogue follows the 6 recruits from Every Singaporean Son and find out what are they doing now in their units.

There will be 6 episode in this new season. Pretty interesting. So far, only Episode 1 is out. I’ll update this blog with the links when the video is available. Or you can check out Cyber Pioneer TV YouTube channel. They have many other good shows too.

Nabil – Instructor, Basic Military Training Centre
Lemuel – Platoon Sergeant, 6 SIR
Daryl – Aviation Vehicle Specialist, Airfield Maintenance Squadron
Douglas – Military Transport Officer, Transport Hub West
Syabil – Security Trooper, 8 SIR
Shaoquan – Sea Soldier, Tuas Defence Squadron

So what’s going to happen after this? Will they be doing Every Singaporean Son Reservist edition? Haha. :)

PS: It’s a pity they stop doing the song at the beginning of each episode. I love those songs.

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