Finnair Angry Birds plane coming to Singapore

Finnair, flag carrier and largest airline in Finland, has partnered with Rovio to create a fully customised Angry Birds Airbus A340. Service and entertainment on board the flight will be with Angry Birds style.

This partnership is no surprise since Rovio is a Finland company. The Finnair Angry Birds flight will take off on 20 September 2011 and guess where is their first destination.

Yeap, Singapore. Woot!

Finnair is now looking for 8 Angry Birds fans to participate in the Angry Birds Asian Challenge which will take place at an altitude of about 10,000 metres. Cool. Check out their website for more details.

PS: I don’t think the Black Bird (aka Bomb Bird or Kamikaze Bird) will be allowed to board this flight. Haha. Kidding kidding. :p

6 Responses to 'Finnair Angry Birds plane coming to Singapore'

  1. Peter the Finn says:

    The Angry Birds plane looks just great. Wonder if real migratory birds start following this plane? And end up in Singapore!

  2. dk says:

    Peter: I wish! But that’s a very long flight. Don’t think it is possible for birds to fly this far. :)

  3. Peter the Finn says:

    I would not be so sure about it. Some GPS tagged real birds have flown from Finland to South Africa for the winter – and flown back next spring. If they can do that, they can fly to Singapore too. Especially since Finnair has this Helsinki-Singapore flight every day so they never lose their guidance :)

  4. Princess says:

    I wanted to know who is actually the biggest fan???

  5. Peter the Finn says:

    Princess, I think we will all soon find it out ;)

  6. sin zhi ying says:

    i want to take part!

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