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FIFA 12 is now in the stores.

One of the main changes to FIFA 12 is the addition of Impact Engine. Impact Engine is a physics engine built to create real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. You get better and more realistic outcome from every player collision in the game.

It is supposed to make the gameplay more realistic. But there’s some very funny bugs in the demo version.

Let’s hope they fix the bugs in the final release. Or we will see tons of funny collision on Youtube soon. Come to think of it, I don’t really mind. They are quite entertaining to watch. Haha. :)

Angry Birds Nail Art

For all you Angry Birds fans out there.

Don’t ask me why I’m watching all these on YouTube. It was recommended to me by YouTube. I swear!

Happy 13th Birthday Google!

Almost forgot my best friend’s birthday! Luckily he has a habit of making doodle on his site to mark important dates.

Happy Birthday Google! You are 13 years old already. If you are a human, you would be in Secondary One this year.

Here’s an interesting fact. Google was officially incorporated on 7 September 1998. They have been celebrating their birthday mostly on 7 September until 2005. In that year, Yahoo announced that their index was larger than Google’s. Because of that, Google push their birthday back to 27th September for the announcement of the record-breaking number of pages the search engine was sifting through. Ever since then, Google begin celebrating their birthday on 27th September instead of 7th September.

Lode Runner X coming to Xperia PLAY

An update of the arcade classic Lode Runner is on its way to Android. Tozai Games, the creator of Lode Runner, is porting Lode Runner from the Xbox 360 to the Android platform. Called Lode Runner X, it will be available exclusively on the Xperia PLAY and other Xperia devices from November 2011.

I still remember playing Lode Runner on those 8 bit TV console. It was fun to play. Glad that they are updating the game and porting it over to Android platform.

Lode Runner X will have the full journey mode and all the single player puzzles of the Xbox 360 console version, including all of the environments and special features. Using an in-house game engine called the PBX by Southend Interactive, Tozai Games is able to transfer the gameplay logic without rewriting anything. Rendering, controls, sound playback and menus needed to be adapted for the PBX Android interfaces to complete the port. Texture resolutions and the level of detail of models needed to be decreased slightly, as well as changing texture and sound compression.

Puss In Boots Old Spice parody

You’ll never get bored of watching Old Spice parody.

Puss in Boots, coming this November.