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Lytro Camera

The way we take digital photos are about to change with Lytro Camera. Lytro is a consumer light field camera. It captures the color, intensity and direction of light rays instead. This allows users to focus and refocus a photo on the camera or computer after taking the shot. The result is something like this.

You can click on the image to change the focus area. To learn more about the science behind the Lytro Camera, check out their website.

The Lytro camera has a 8x optical zoom lens with an aperture of f/2 and a 11 megaray light-field sensor. That’s not a typo. Light field camera don’t go by megapixel. The new standard is megaray light-field.

And the first Lytro Camera doesn’t look like your conventional camera.

It’s still pretty compact. You just need to get use to the new form factor. And you need a Mac to import the pictures currently. Windows support will come later.

The Lytro Camera comes in Red, Graphite and Blue colour. Red cost US$499 and is available in 16GB (which can hold up to 750 pictures). Graphite and Blue cost US$399 and is available in 8GB (up to 350 pictures).

Visit their website for more info and ordering.

Oh, they are only shipping in the US for now. And you’ll have to wait till early 2012 to get one. So strike it off your 2011 Christmas wish list.

HP TouchPad WebOS 3.0.477 System Update

The HP TouchPad is perhaps the best discontinued product in the market. HP recently roll out WebOS 3.0.477 for the TouchPad. To get the update, simply go to Settings/System Updates. The update is 53mb and can be updated over the air.

This is just a minor update. The biggest noticeable difference is the left and right scrolling in the Launcher. The update made the scrolling much smoother and easier. There is supposed to be some changes to the App Catalog but I didn’t notice much difference.

Oh, and HP finally include a Camera App on the TouchPad. Haha.

Happy 10th Birthday, iPod

iPod is 10 years old today. Happy Birthday!

The iPod was announced on 23 October 2011 at a rented auditorium near Apple’s Cupertino campus.

The first iPod used a 5GB Toshiba hard drive, can store up to 1000 songs and has a battery life of 10 hours. It uses Firewire and is only supported on Mac.

The first iPod wasn’t a huge success. It cost $399 and does not have Windows support. It took Apple almost 1 1/2 years to sell 1 million iPods. But they managed to sell their 2nd million 6 months later. By end of 2004, Apple had sold 10 million iPod. And the rest is history…..

Some Apps updates just aren’t worth it

Remember the SBS Transit IRIS iPhone App? They just rolled out a new update recently and here’s the description.

Enable advertisement feature? Seriously, why would anyone want to update their app for this “feature”?

I can understand if a 3rd party developer put advertisement to earn money. But this App is by SBS Transit to inform their customers of the bus arrival time. Like that also want to put advertisement? The recent fare hike not enough meh?

By the way, this picture was stolen from mrbrown. I don’t know why he still using this App. I deleted it after a few weeks.

Bypass iPad 2 password with Smart Cover

I know it’s call a Smart Cover. But I didn’t know that it is so smart until it can help you break into a password locked iPad 2. Apparently, there is a security flaw with the latest iOS 5 update which allows anyone to easily bypass the iPad 2 password easily with a Smart Cover. (Or any cover with magnets)

How to re-create it:
1) Lock a password protected iPad 2
2) Hold down power button until iPad 2 reaches turn off slider
3) Close Smart Cover
4) Open Smart Cover
5) Click cancel on the bottom of the screen

The good thing about this is that you can only access the last opened Apps. And if you are on the home screen before you lock your iPad 2, then whoever bypass the password using this method can only see what kind of apps you have on your iPad.

It’s not a very major flaw. Apple will definitely fix this bug soon in the next update. In the meantime, if you have anything confidential, just make sure you exit that app before locking your iPad 2. Or disable Smart Cover unlocking.

PS: This is not the first time Apple have such security flaw on their iOS. Previously there is a flaw which allows people to bypass iPhone password via the emergency call.