Singapore Computer Society unveils first registry for IT professionals

The Singapore Computer Society launched Singapore’s first registry dedicated for ICT professionals yesterday. InfoPier will serve as a repository and online community to facilitate networking and collaboration among local IT professionals and business entities. The portal aims to raise ICT professionals’ profile in the industry and bridge the demand and supply gap of Infocomm manpower.

Membership for InfoPier is free until 31 August 2012. After that, the Basic membership cost S$48 per year and Premium membership cost S$68 (Before GST). The difference between the Basic and Premium membership will be announced at a later date.

Personally, I think this registry is long over due. It is so over due that I wonder if this registry is still relevant now with all the social networking sites. IT professionals can easily use sites like Linkedin or GetACoder to promote their skills. And best of all, these sites are free.

Having an annual membership fee of S$48-S$68 is going to be a barrier of entry for most IT professionals. Why would any IT professionals want to pay S$68 every year just to be listed on a registry. What benefits do they get out of InfoPier membership?

For a registry like InfoPier to work, it will need to have the majority of IT professionals in Singapore listed on the site. It would be useless if the registry only contain a handful of people in the IT industry who are willing to pay the annual fee. We might as well use existing sites like Linkedin where there is a more comprehensive database.

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  1. ICT says:

    I think Infopier is a great platform for ICT professional community to engage and communicate. It also contains huge opportunities for career advancement for IT people in the Singapore ICT job market.

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