Feecha – Social Networking App for interesting happenings around you

Feecha is a social networking app created by a team in Singapore that allows people to locate interesting happenings in close proximity.

When you turn on the App, you will be greeted by a map filled with cute little creatures called feecha (assuming that there are people creating feecha at your proximity). Feecha are messages, pictures, videos or links posted by other feecha users at the location. These feecha “feeds” on attention to grow bigger and attract more attention. Large feecha means there’s lots of activities (like views, comments and shares).

You may also see a feecha with multiple eyes on the map. These are called “creecha” and they means there’s more than one feecha at that spot. Creecha is great for discovering “hot spots” of interesting happening at your proximity.

It is also easy to find out what’s trending at your proximity. A feecha with recent activity is coloured red while a feecha with no activity for some time is coloured blue.

Like all social network, you can follow interesting feecha users. You will be alerted when they post a new feecha. Feecha will also alert you if a user whom you are not following posted a feecha near your current location. This is great for finding interesting feecha users and happenings near you.

Feecha is a very new social network in this overcrowded social network space. It is difficult for them to compete with other social networks like Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. But it does have its own niche. And honestly, feecha users are still experimenting and finding out what’s the best use for this social network. This sort of reminds me of the early days of Twitter.

For feecha to be successful, it needs to grow the community and optimize feecha to cater for large user base. The company seems to understand that and is seen actively engaging the community in feecha.

So try out feecha. You never know, this might be the next big social networking app. And do find me on feecha if you are there. My feecha userid is DK (as usual).

Feecha is currently only available on iOS. The team is planning to roll out Android version by end of Q1 2012.

PS: To encourage more users to hop onboard, the company is having a contest with very attractive prize. From now till 18 December 2011, the user with the largest feecha stand a chance to win S$8,888 cash. Huat ah!

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