Why not orchid for Elton?

Saw this article on yesterday’s Straits Times.

Why orchid for Elton?
I read with great disappointment that Elton John has been given the honour of having an orchid named after him (Orchid Named After Elton John, Prime, Nov 19). I am dismayed that his partner David Furnish and their adopted son Zachary (both right with John) were also publicised to ‘share his honour’.

There are other celebrities and dignitaries more deserving than this pair. Singapore would be seen in a much better light on the world stage if, for example, recent F1 champion Sebastian Vettel had been accorded this privilege instead.

Is homosexuality to be openly encouraged and endorsed by the Government?

Josephine Tay

I also read this article with great disappointment. Why doesn’t Sir Elton John deserve an Orchid? He is a great musician and philanthropist. He donated money and help raise awareness towards AIDS. So what if he is gay? Does that overwrite his achievements and make him any less deserving? Then why not go ask the Queen why she knighted Elton John?

The orchid was named after Elton John to recognise his contributions to the field of music. I don’t think anyone can dispute his contribution. It would put Singapore in a bad light if we deny him this honor just because he is gay. It is time for all these LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) discrimination to end. It’s almost year 2012. Open up your mind.

And speaking of Orchid naming, there are other people who are less deserving of having an Orchid name after them. In 2009, Botanic Garden named an Orchid after Thein Sein, Prime Minister of Myanmar appointed by the military junta. I wonder if Josephine Tay knows about that.

8 Responses to 'Why not orchid for Elton?'

  1. Kenny says:

    Sigh… homophobes…
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  2. Augus says:

    Sorry, call me whatever names you want…but homosexual is still a deadly disease to mankind as far as I ma concern.

    I pity the kid that Elton John and his partner had adopted…he will grow up to be another freak who’s highly confused of his own sex!

  3. Eric says:

    Sir Elton and David’s son is not adopted, one of them is the biological father (they don’t know which one) and was conceived through surrogacy.

    I am sure they are delighted to receive this honour from Singapore, but as Sir Elton mentioned at his concert, Singapore does need to sort it’s gay rights out, that is one of the things that puts it in a very bad light internationally. Pacifying the bigots through acquiescing in the oppression of a minority is bad for business as well as totally immoral.

  4. dk says:

    Eric: It is useless for just the law to change if the mindset doesn’t change.

    In my view, both needs to be changed. But that will take some time.

  5. Ronald says:

    Why do they name them after celebrities, why not on the one who discovered that new orchid. Seriously, that would make it a big honor and memory to the one that worked hard for it.
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  6. see no evil says:

    If you have diarrhea, you deal with it quietly. You don’t run to the rooftops to shout out your condition.

    Ditto for being gay. Live your life as you wish. No need to publicise what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, or with whom.

    In other words, don’t proselytise, and expect to win converts.

    If you do not agressively seek unwarranted acceptance, you will never face outright rejection.

    Leave Western liberalism on “gayism” where it belongs – in the West. No need for us to become apes of every western trend.

  7. Stan says:

    Some earlier poster mentioned that they thought the orchid should have named after the breeder and not Elton John. I believe that the breeder does have a say in naming the orchid. If he agreed to the Elton John orchid, so it will be.
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