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The making of Nokia Maps 3D

Here’s a cute animation that explains how Nokia create their 3D maps.

Interesting. Didn’t know they use airplane to capture images too. The Nokia Maps 3D looks pretty good. Check out the view from New York Central Park.

So far there’s only 23 cities that were given the 3D treatment. Singapore isn’t one of them. But I’m sure Nokia is trying to 3D-tize the whole world (or at least the major cities) as we speak. The explore Nokia Maps 3D, go to

PS: I think the Singapore maps needs some updating. Marina Bay Sands is still an empty field.

Suicidal Reservoir

Another body was found today morning at Bedok Reservoir. I’ve lost count on the number of bodies found at our reservoirs this year. If I’m not mistaken, most of them are suicide cases. Which makes me wonder, is there a increase in number of suicide case in Singapore? Or is it because they are more reports about it on the media?

I still remember couple of years ago when there’s is an increase in the number of suicide case at MRT stations. There seems to be some sort of connections. A few days after a suicide case is reported in the media, another case will happen. After a while, the media tries not to report too much about such suicide case. I don’t study psychology. But I guess it makes sense after all. When someone is depressed to the verge of committing suicide reads about people killing themselves successfully at certain places, it might prompt them to follow. Perhaps the media should try not to report too much about the suicide cases at our reservoirs.

Another thing that stopped people from committing suicide at MRT station now is because of the barricades that is built at all above ground platform. It’s now pretty hard for anyone to commit suicide at MRT station. Could they have moved to the reservoirs now since all the MRT stations have barricades? Maybe.

I always tell people that building barricades at MRT station is useless. Yes, it stop people from committing suicide or accidentally falling down the track so that the train service won’t be affected. But people who want to commit suicide will still find other ways if they can’t commit suicide at MRT station. We are just not solving the problem from the roots.

Perhaps it would be better if we look around ourselves and see if there’s anyone who needs a helping hand. Let them know that life is precious.

Samaritans of Singapore 24hr Hotline: 1800-221-4444

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood board game

Stumble upon this video on YouTube. It’s a board game version of the Angry Bird game call Angry Birds: Knock on Wood by Mattel

If you have the time, check out this 10 minutes review of the toy.

I wonder if it is available in Singapore already. The video said that it will be available from May 2011. Feel like getting one for myself. Looks cool. But I’ll most likely use it for table decorations instead of playing the game. The Angry Birds looks too good to fling around.

PS: While searching for more information about this toy, I found some fake version that comes with sound. It seems like they are from Taiwan. Don’t recommend anyone getting the fake version.

Grand Theft Auto V trailer

Rockstar Games just released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

According to the developers, the 5th generation of Grand Theft Auto series will be set in a city based on Los Angeles.

No release date yet. Expect to wait for at least a year.

Google adds iconic Singapore sites to Street View

Google added a couple of new sites to the Singapore Street View. These sites include iconic places like Singapore Flyer, Haw Par Villa, Fort Canning Park, Holland Village and Kampong Glam. Many of these sites, including hidden gems like Kampong Buangkok and Kampong Glam, were chosen by Singaporeans in a poll, jointly organized with the Singapore Tourism Board, of which spots they wanted to see on Street View.

These new images were collected by the Google Trike. If I’m not mistaken, these images are collected two years ago when the Google Trike was in Singapore.

My personal favorite is Haw Par Villa. Haw Par Villa is a very interesting yet not so well known place in Singapore. It’s great that Google Street View is able to capture the beauty of Haw Par Villa for everyone to view online.

Here’s one funny thing. Due to privacy concerns, Google used an algorithm to blurred out all faces in Street View. But the algorithm isn’t smart enough to tell the difference between a real person and statue. Which means all the statues at Haw Par Villa had their faces blurred out. What a waste. Hope Google can unblur the statues’ face. I’m sure they aren’t concerned about privacy.

By the way, Google is currently bringing Street View indoor to capture the images of retail stores and restaurants. The pilot projects is now taking place in London, Paris, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Sadly, Singapore isn’t in the pilot project. But I’m sure they will bring that to our Shopping Paradise soon.

The new Google Street View images includes:
Admiralty Park
Albert Street
Bedok Town Park
Changi Beach Park
Dairy Farm Nature Park
East Coast Park
Esplanade Park
Fort Canning Park
Haw Par Villa
Holland Village
Kampong Glam
Labrador Nature Reserve
Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Nanyang Polytechnic
One Fullerton Singapore
Kampong Buangkok
Sengkang Riverside Park
Singapore Flyer
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Temasek Polytechnic
Upper Seletar Reservoir Park
Yishun Park