Who smashed the SMRT Window?

The North South bound SMRT train broke down last Thursday evening during peak hour. More than 4000 commuters were trapped in the train. There were reports of poor ventilation and someone even smashed a train window to let the air in.

According to a news report, the window was smashed by a 31 year old insurance agent who declined to give his name.

But creative online community think it could be someone else.

Angry Bird


The Hulk

And many more…

Oh, by the way, SMRT advice all passengers not to smash the windows or force the doors open if they are stuck in the train. In the event of a power failure, there is a back-up system that will activate emergency lights within the carriages and provide ventilation.

YA RIGHT. If the ventilation is working fine, you think people will be so free go break your windows meh? Use your brain.

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